Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sammy - Sado Friend - Greenbag Toys

Probably the cutest little sadistic fellow ever envisioned! Sammy is the creation of Greenbag Toys(Chester Greenbag). One of a handful of characters he's been working on & refining for years, but the first to be brought to life in toy form.

The time and attention to detail on this toy really help emphasise how much these characters mean to their creator. I think Sammy is a brilliant design. I love his tiny head, his ample belly, his chunky boots, he's just adorable! Sammy is made from resin & about 4 inches tall & just a super fun little guy! I really struggle to express how much I love this toy!

I couldn't be happier to finally have my hands on Sammy! This is probably my favourite toy from the last couple of years. I finally had the money to pay for him & now he's mine!
This photo sucks, it really doesn't show off the brilliant packaging on Sammy! He even came with stickers for customisation!
As this photo shows, I also received a fantastic custom Sammy. You can see more photos & read more about him here: Clockwork Banana - Sammy - Sado Friend

Sammy has now found a home amongst my more risqué toys. It seemed a suitable place for him.

I received a couple of prints & a postcard as well! They're a great variety of Sammy designs! I seriously love Greenbag Toys design style & these bring a smile to my face! Hopefully I'll have some frames soon to hang them up. You can't go wrong with a bit of Ultraviolent & naked Sammy on your walls!

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the recently teased plushy version of Sammy! I predict he'll be even more adorable in plush form! He'll be great for a snuggle & the perfect someone to whisper all your little depravities to!

I couldn't recommend this toy more! I'm unsure if many/any Sammys are still available, but if you want one(& you should!) you can find more info or contact Greenbag Toys on facebook & instagram