Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Tree Friends - Flippy

Who doesn't love Happy Tree Friends? I've been mildly obsessed since I first caught the show on tv about 12years ago. Got my first HTF plushie, Cuddles, a couple of years later(in a showbag at the Brisbane Ekka). Since I became a eBay freak in recent years, I've managed to hunt a few more down for my collection. The Hunter Leisure plush set is surprisingly difficult to come by, I often wonder if I'll ever complete the set.

However, I managed to hunt down Flippy recently. He's probably one of the harder to find(i think people like his dogtags), so I'm glad to have finally acquired him.

He's now on my bookshelf, amongst the 4 other characters I own(& a handful of other plushies).

One day I shall complete the set, by that point the entire back section of that shelve will be filled with HTF goodness. I really do love plushies, it's too bad they take up such an excessive amount of space! For this collection however, it's worth it.

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