Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rosco - Fantastisch

Today I bring you Rosco by Fantastisch. An adorable low-poly 'bear with bow-tie' design! Fantastisch is Bela Álvarez & Oscar Juárez(I believe Bela designed Rosco), lovely people & they helped me with my purchase!

I love low-poly designs. They're a brilliant way to capture an idea, with minimal distraction by excessive detail. Why be excessive, when simplicity can be so effective? I had to have a Rosco!

The packaging was simple, but quite lovely! A little paper bag & Rosco cardboard cut-outs! The postcards were nice extras too!

I was persuaded to order when I did, as the black Rosco was running low on stock(now out of stock) & well, I really wanted Rosco in black! However, both Rosco & his bow-tie are available in six different colours! I picked the yellow bow-tie. I'm eager to buy a yellow Rosco with black bow-tie as well. A matching pair would be adorable!

I think Fantastisch have some amazing design ideas & Rosco is proof of that, I'm excited to see what else they bring to the toy world in the future! You can find them & follow their work on facebook & Instagram.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Plague Oracle - Smoke Veil Edition - Daniel Yu

Continuing my obsession with the work of Daniel Yu, I received my 2nd Plague Oracle today. The Plague Oracle sculpt is my latest favourite from Daniel Yu, they go beautifully with my past Daniel Yu acquisitions & the little hand accessories are just an awesome little bonus!
This latest Plague Oracle is part of Daniels recent 'Smoke Veil' series. Each figure was limited to 20 pieces.

Photo by Daniel Yu - Left to Right - Wilbur, Plague Oracle, Lunar Creep & Darwin

I'm a huge fan on Daniels blank editions. As much as I also greatly respect his skill with paint, sometimes I think it distracts from the beauty & detail of his sculpting. Also being a fan of black & red, in this particular case I couldn't resist adding to my collection.

Differing from my first Plague Oracle which came with a mini skull accessory, this new one includes 3 accessories! A anatomical heart, a rose & a little pile of poo! These accessories are no exception in regards to Daniels amazing attention to detail. My photos do not do them justice!

I cannot wait to add more Plague Oracles to my collection in the future! I'm also eager to see what new characters Daniel Yu will add to his repertoire!
For those hoping to add any of the 'shadow veil' editons to their own collection - Darwin(the fox) has sold out, but the other 3 designs are still currently available in Daniels store here.
You can also check out Daniels past work on his website or follow him on Facebook & Instagram

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tinbot [ black, lady ]

Somewhere I saw a picture of a Tinbot(probably one of the many people I follow on Facebook) & instantly needed one in my life! They're manufactured by Trendex, a company who create many fun & innovative designs!
The Tinbots are so cheap that money wasn't an object, but colour decisions can be difficult & currently Tinbot World offer 4 versions of this awesome concept!

Of course, being me, I went with the orange & black option(really the decision wasn't that difficult, I'm bias on the subject of orange :P). It's one of the 'lady' Tinbots, with a rather cute little robot face! Even the packaging(& business card!) are perfectly paired to the toys!

The Tinbots are about 2x1.5x1inches when all packed away in their tins. They consist of 6 pieces. 5 magnetised body parts & the tin. They're also super poseable(tragically I'm not the most creative photographer :P)!

This really is just a super fun toy! If i had more I could mix & match the pieces too! I'm tempted to buy more already & I hope for many more colour options in the future!
For less then $10 including shipping, this is definitely a favourite amongst my recent acquisitions!
Don't forget to check out Tinbot World on Facebook & bigcartel

Friday, April 8, 2016

Clect - Collect Together

I want to share with all my readers a great collecting resource!
Clect is the newest thing in online collecting. It's still a pretty young website, evolving & getting better all the time! I've been a member pretty much since the beginning & the site just continues to improve(they're also always willing to take any suggestions you might have!) . A major focus on pop culture specifically. It's basically the social media collecting platform we all need!

The guys at Clect have been working tirelessly to get their cell phone apps up & running too! You can find the iphone app Here, you can also sign up to to be notified when the Android app is ready Here.

Now I want to discuss some specifics.
On Clect you can create 'Cards' & 'Packs'. Uploading 'Cards' is super easy(& the site has walk-through tours to help you learn!). Upload the image, title it, give it a story & choose if it's private or public. Done! Hashtagging is also encouraged :P
You can also add your 'Cards' to 'Packs'. You can create your own new 'Packs', or add your 'Cards' to existing public 'Packs'(you can also make private ones!). They're a great way to share more focused collections, or to find people with similar tastes to your own!

The 'Packs' are one of my favourite features on Clect. I love sharing my collection with others & it's always amazing when I find people who can appreciate the stuff I have! The Packs are constantly being fine-tuned, I expect they'll be a favourite amongst most Clect users soon enough.
Currently my favourite Packs are 'Resin & Vinyl Toys' & 'Autographs!'. They're both public & I've love to see them grow! If you're a member & have any suitable Cards to add to my Packs that would be fantastic & I look forward to all contributions!

So come on! What are you waiting for? If you haven't joined yet just click here:

To quote Eric Cartman(South Park) - 'Join the online sensation before we all murder you.'

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kinder Surprise - Star Wars Ships

Now, generally I'm not big on Star Wars stuff(it's everywhere, tends to kill any need I might feel), but the combination of chocolate & toys is hard to resist. When a friend of mine shared a photo of one of these on Facebook, well I was greatly amused & needed to own them!

I'm a huge fan of Kinder chocolate, but even the most hardened chocolate fan will get sick off hunting down a toy set. It took me at least 30 eggs, to find 9 toys. The Stormtrooper kept evading me!

Thankfully Kinder Surprise rarely bring out toys I want, these were an exception(even helping my Mum put together a set as well)! I think I'm officially over Kinder chocolate for a while!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with all my spares! I really rather hate blind-box hunting, but these were worth the effort... & chocolate!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tank Girl - Super Special Poster Magazine

As my readers might know, I'm a big fan of Tank Girl! . Besides the comics, I like to try & acquire the items made available online as well. Over the last few years Alan Martin has been making 'Poster Magazines' available... I think I have them all.

Yesterday I Received the latest 'Tank Girl Super Special Poster Magazine'! Mostly I'm glad to receive this, because I've fallen a bit behind on my Tank Girl purchases(I'm even behind on comics, it's horrible!). Also this magazine just happens to be extra awesome!
This mag included a postcard of the mock-Japanese cover for the new Alan Martin/Brett Parson Tank Girl series, 'Two Girls One Tank'(I also scored a Two Girls One Tank badge for ordering the mag early as well!). I'm extremely eager to read this new comic run, but it'll have to wait a while(not the only comics I'm after right now).

I also received a 4A piece of tankie gift wrap, and a A7 'propellerhead' tankie sticker. This post mag folded out to a A3 poster by Black Frog. Amazing bit of artwork! Though I've got to say, those darts look a little painful :P

I also got a kickass 'Bastard Patrol' patch, my 2nd official Tank Girl patch! Not sure if this one will join my other patch on my bag, I'm undecided right now, also my bag is running short on patch space(this is an old photo, couple more patches/badges on it now).

And now I'm reminded how much Tank Girl stuff I still need in my life & stuff by Tank Girl artists in general Rufus Dayglo for example, has been working on a new series as well! But one thing at a time & at least I didn't miss the epicness at was the 'Super Special Poster Magazine!' WHich is still avialable online by the way, you can find it here

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gasser Skull - Gasser Garage

Before I share the awesome toy I received today, I just want to point out a few things, before one of my readers does :P
It's been a long while since I made a blog post here, I feel it's time to get back into it! I really want to try & refine the content a little more, truly focusing on just art & art toys(this includes trying to reduce any photos with other non-art/art toys stuff within the picture).
I've updated the look of my blog, it's much more colourful now!. I've also added a bunch of social media buttons(including an e-mail button, for anyone wanting to contact me), created a new header(though honestly not sure I'm 100% satisfied with it yet) & organised my website/blog links. Still working on little details, but much happier with it overall.
Hope you all enjoy the changes, now on to my kickass new toy!

A while back I become aware of Gasser Garage(possibly in my resin group on facebook, I don't remember). I instantly found their Gasser Skull design appealing. A great combination of design concepts, made from resin(a personal favourite when it comes to toy materials) & super colourful!
Just recently Gasser Garage shared a new image on their facebook page.

Generally a photo on Facebook doesn't make me rush to buy something, but Gasser Garage emphasised the fact there was only 10 of this variety left! I HAD to have one!
After some quick communication to organise shipping & a deep mental conflict over what colour I should choose, my order was made! After a couple of weeks waiting, here it is!

Tragically my photography skills just don't do this toy justice! The colours are amazing! I'm actually tempted to order another! It's really just such a fun design & honestly who doesn't love a good skull toy? I also love the graphics on the packaging, such wonderful attention to detail!
I'm glad to add another toy from South America to my collection & it was a pleasure to deal with such a friendly & talented artist! I'm glad I took the time to reach out & inquire about Gasser Garages fantastic work!