Friday, August 30, 2013

Tooth Decay - Creo Design - Gloss White

I recently blogged about Creo Designs latest creation 'Tooth Decay' & my concerns that I would never own one. As luck would have it, I did get one(limited to 9). Mine arrived this morning(thank you Mr. UPS man) & I think it's officially my new favourite art figure.
I love that Chris Alexander took the time to stencil the boxes he shipped the figures in. He also produced little Certificates of authenticity for these series. Mine is 7 of 9, for anyone who was interested.

It's a truly stunning piece, so much prettier in real life, then in my photos. It stands at 7inches & it truly shows it's size, it's surprisingly heavy. Buyers had a huge selection of colours to choose from, I settled on gloss white with a black tooth. Quite happy with my colour choices, it'll make a beautiful statement piece when I get my new desk to display it on. For now, it sits with my horror toys on my bookshelf glaring at me for a more central display location.

I think I may have become a little Creo-obsessed. I hope everyone is incredibly jealous of my latest acquistion & expect more Creo Designs toys to be added to my collection in the near future. Tragically, I have a new monetary obligations over the next few weeks, so my toy purchases will be greatly diminished for a while.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Royal Pride Grey Stitch - Simone Legno(Tokidoki)

Got myself a Tokidoki Royal Pride Grey Stitch on eBay. The box is signed by Simone Legno as well, nice little addition to my purchase. It was released at San Diego Comic Con as part of the Royal Pride Grey collection this year.

Crazy as it may seem, I still don't own the original coloured version yet. I'm a little backwards like that sometimes. He's on my priority list though & I'll own him soon enough. For now, I'm quite happy with my new toy. I love a touch of punk amongst my toys, as I think I may have mentioned before, so Stitch is the perfect little character for my shelves.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Greasebat & Friends Gummi Play Set - Jeff Lamm

A truly spontaneous purchase, the Greasebat & Friends Gummi Play Set. I saw these get listed on rotocasted & simply couldn't resist buying a set for myself. Jeff Lamm does adorable work(I mean, if you're into kaiju) & this is the first time I just happened to have some spare funds to acquire some of his toys.
Unbox Industries were only asking $13 per set(available in orange or pink), the temptation was just too much. These are just sickeningly cute & made of rubber! Love rubber toys, they're so trashy, but in a good way! I'm so happy about these. Who doesn't love a dash of orange amongst their toys & they're only about 6cm tall, adorable.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dead Plushy - Cyanide & Happiness

Explosm released their 'Dead Plushy' a couple of weeks ago, I ordered one the moment they were available. Mostly because I find C & H extremely amusing. One of these days I hope to acquire all their books as well.

This is my first C & H plushy, I will definitely acquire more in the future. This is a personal favourite however(though I would like to track down one of their naked plushies!). I'm thinking of displaying him separately from the rest of my plush collection, or perhaps keep him where he'd be appreciated the most.

Definitely seems like an appropriate shelf for a dead plushy, it seems like the company one would associate himself with. Many new furniture plans for the near future however(of course I'll share photos when I get my toys sorted), so who knows where things may end up.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Rottweiler Herpes - Johnny Ryan

Ordered my first Rottweiler Herpes recently(planning to buy another soon), it arrived today. Absolutely brilliant toy, the embodiment of Johnny Ryans infamous villain(hence the swastika) from his Prison Pit comic. I picked up the first colourway from Monster Worship. One of there SDCC 2012 releases. They have all 4 colours of Rottweiler Herpes currently available(amongst many other brilliant characters).

I'm just in awe over this toy. It's an absolutely epic addition to my collection. I really hope I manage to acquire at least one more before they all sell out.

I'd like to point out I haven't actually read the Prison Pit comic(though I was aware of Johnny Ryans art). I plan on buying the 4 issues available & give the toy some context, but what initially attracted me to the toy was it's socially unacceptable nature. Expect more offensive, controversial or just plan crazy toys in the future. I have issues(many) & like to try & express myself with the things I own, being offensive just happens to be part of that.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cuddlehard - Submission edition

Thanks to man-e-toys I recently stumbled across a very awesome keshi toy recently. A limited edition version of turboPISTOLAs 'Cuddlehard' figure, the Submission Edition.

Limited to 15 & blind-bagged. Each comes outfitted with ball gags that have little leather straps & metal studs. Available in either purple(10/15), Pink(2/15), Black(2/15) & one mystery colour. Each comes with a silver on black block print & custom header card. I received the purple version.

I'm quite happy with this toy, it's rather unique. A rather fantastic addition to my keshi collection & a nice touch of 'bondage' for my shelves(expect more of that in the future!). Now I just need to find something appropriate to display the print in. Why are all my art pieces cumbersome sizes?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Design

During my recent toy shopping binge, I decided to acquire a couple of toys from Creo Designs. As much as I love punk, gore, horror, surrealism etc. in the toys I buy, I'm also attracted to, what I can only describe as 'sickeningly cute' toys. As a result, I simply couldn't say no to the Ziqi x Creo Design toy collaboration, QiQi.

I got both of the red versions(tragically the black one was sold out, I'm planning to hunt for one on eBay soon). Original Red, limited to 450pc & the Gloss Red, limited to 200pc. They're only 3inches tall & absolutely adorable with their oversized heads. There's still a few available(on sale) in the Creo Design store. Very low price for something so limited & mine arrived within 6days of making the order(crazy fast shipping).

It's always great to pick up something so cute for my collection. Hopefully I'll have somewhere appropriate to display them soon. I really need to stop buying toys & maybe buy a few new pieces of furniture. The endless space restriction of the collector. First-world problems are such an annoyance. Of course, even with my space issues, I'm sitting here considering future purchases from the Creo Design store. I recommend checking it out. It's full of cuteness & sometimes, something a little creepy(as the Tooth Decay piece I blogged about recently would suggest). Definitely my kind of toys.

Trexi & Gwin - Kozik & Pardee

I received a package in the mail today(finally my new toys are beginning to arrive, sometimes it really sucks living in Australia), from Tainted Visions, one of many great toy stores on eBay(I believe they also sell through storenvy). Fantastic prices & very helpful communication. I'll be buying from them again in the future, guaranteed.
Todays little items, are the Frank Kozik black Anarchy Trexi(my first non-A Clockwork Orange Kozik toy) & the Captain Singer Gwin by Alex Pardee.

This Trexi was released for SDCC in 2007, limited to 500 pieces. I was personally surprised I got him so cheap(no such luck with the white version). Of course, it worked with my current goal, trying to put a dent in my toy wishlist, by acquiring as many toys as possible, at the lowest price possible. This is difficult, as my income isn't particularly high, but it's just nice to buy a few things now & then. Even if they are the smaller or cheaper items I'm seeking. One day I'll be rich & start acquiring larger & more expensive toys!

I am truly happy to have my first Alex Pardee toy however. His work is beautifully disturbing & the most I became of his Captian Singer Gwin, I sought it out on eBay. It's deliciously violent & nightmarish, like a lot of Pardees vinyl toy work. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to add more of his toys to my collection in the future.

Both are tiny & adorable toy & both are by artists I very much respect. They have amazing skill in my opinion & I'm glad to have finally begun acquiring their work. Their styles flow well with my own.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Animal People - Konosuke Chishima

I've recently developed an obsession with Japanese toys(can you blame me?), so ordered a few over the last couple of weeks. Stumbled across Rampage Toys during my hunt, who stock many fantastic kaiju, sofubi & keshi toys. This is where I found, what are probably the cutest toys I've ever laid my eyes on. Animal People(Doubutsu Ningen) by Konosuke Chishima.
Jon Malmstedt from Rampage Toys met Konosuke at Design Festa 37 & grabbed a small supply of these adorable little keshi. They come in five variations, bear, chicken, koala, octopus or shark. They're less then 2inches tall & beautifully simplistic, but affective.

(image from Rampage Toys)

Tragically I was only able to get four out of the set. The shark version has sold out. I'll be keeping my eyes open in the hope of finding one in the future.
I personally adore the octopus version though, it screams 'Cthulhu' to me. It amuses me greatly. Also, how adorable are those little header card? I mean seriously, they were the decision maker for me, love cute packaging.

Hopefully I'll be buying a few small display boxes to randomly place around my home soon. That's where I plan to put these little guys & other potential Rampage purchases. I'm incredibly tempted by their Ugly Unicorn keshi, it's so tiny & kitschy. It even comes in a custom box, there's nothing cuter & more ridiculous then a 1inch toy in it's own display box. I shall order myself one or two in the near future!

(image from Rampage Toys)

I look forward to seeing future work by Konosuke Chishima & will of course, maintain a long-term obsession with Rampage Toys. Always love a touch of 'tiny & sickenly cute' around my home now & then.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tooth Decay - Creo Design

It's ridiculous how much I want this toy. Creo Designs first 100% Designed and Produced Art figure. Only two days until pre-orders start & I have about $4 on my paypal.
I'm pretty sure this is a toy I'll be missing out on.
What's even more ridiculous, if I'd known just two days earlier about the pre-order date, I'd have had the money. But no, I spent it on other toys(lots of upcoming blogs) & will miss a piece I wanted badly. Just the way things are in my life at the moment, this is not the only toy I really wanted that I've lost the opportunity to own recently(or never had the opportunity to own in the first place).

One never knows though, perhaps I'll be lucky & this won't sell out in the first 60seconds(though I expect it will) & if i sell some of my possessions on eBay, one of these, might just be mine.

My favourite part of this toy, is that it's customisable. There's an insane number of colours to choose from. This toy was also completely created & produced by Chris Alexander of Creo Designs, which gives me hope for the future & my own art endevours.

It truly is a marvelous creation & due to my issues with the dental industry, it greatly appeals to me. Only time will tell if I'll actually own one or not. The woes of collecting, it's nothing new.
Additional thought, I've bought around 15 toys or so in the last couple of weeks, so expect many upcoming posts about new acquisitions.