Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bascot - Buzz Milk & Honey Drill - Noriya Takeyama

I finally managed to add to my Noriya Takeyama collection! Her stuff is very difficult to find, but I'm a huge fan of her 'Bascot' collection. A few years ago I stumbled across her toys on ebay, managed to pick up a set of her faux leather plush deer Bascots at a very reasonable price. I have since, done regular checks for the rest of the series. I found someone selling two of the vinyl toys, at a crazy-low price. I HAD to bid!
I'm officially two toys closer to a complete set. Only two more to hunt down. These toys are insanely cute! I'm simply in awe over how adorable they are. These toys make me happy!

These wonderful toys are vinyl & about 5.5-6inches tall, very nice size, works wonderfully with the body shapes. I personally really love the backs of these toys, the little drill-tail on Honey Drill is adorable! Also love the added detail of the spine-ridges, they really 'complete' the figures I think. Overall, I think these are fantastic, so glad I've finally acquired a couple of them. Now I just have to spend the next year or so hunting down the last two(Honey drill in blue, Buzz Milk in pink).
Additionally, while I'm here typing, I apologise(as usual) for neglecting my blog recently. I've been busy with work & I've also been obsessively reading, which seems to keep me away from my pc. I'm working on getting my blog-flow back however, so bare with me!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Graffiti Anatomy - Creo Design

Just a quick post about an upcoming toy release. Creo Design has outdone himself again, another truly amazing piece of work! Graffiti Anatomy, his latest mind-blowing creation, is simply awe inspiring.

"Forget about Grey's Anatomy, Creo brings to life a concept born from streets. For years graffiti artist have been producing mind-blowing murals and canvas using their preferred spray can as an extension of their own body. Every artist has his or her own preferred choice of 'can' but have you ever wondered what is hidden beneath the cold aluminium case?

Manufactures insist that you should never pierce or dismantle the can regardless if it is empty or not. Wise words indeed because when Creo's curiosity took over and he opened his last empty spray can he couldn't believe what he discovered inside.

Beneath the cold aluminium 'skin' lies a full spinal cord and skull 'cap'.

It is true what has been said for years that spray cans are living objects brought to life in an artists hands.The myths of steel ball bearings used to mix the paint are bogus - when you shake the can it is the vertebrae knocking together that makes the can rattle, wakening the can to life and producing the beautiful flow of paint."

I cannot believe the detail in this sculpture. I've been watching the creation process for months on Creo Designs Facebook page, the anticipation had been gnawing at me, I'm now just praying I actually get the opportunity to own one! Due for release on the 22nd of Jan, at 9pm GMT. Good luck to everyone!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rebeca Mortis Monochrome 3 Pack - Daniel Yu

Sometimes I'm in such awe over an artists work, it's almost incomprehensible. That's how Daniel Yu makes me feel. I recently managed to acquire one of his limited R.Mortis Monochrome sets. The toys are less then 3inches tall & I don't think I've ever seen so much detail on a toy. They're simply mind blowing.

I couldn't be more pleased to finally own some of Daniel Yu's stunning work. I simply cannot get over the level of detail. I will acquire more for my shelves soon! I'm definitely leaning towards the Oi! Cthulhu figure, yet another stunning example of detail. But all in good time, my Daniel Yu collection will grow one day!

They were also incredibly difficult to try & get a picture off. So much detail lost, but at least they look epic standing in front of my monolith figure. Definitely a nice temporary home for some truly breath-taking art toys.
Tragically, these sold out very quickly, along with the painted version, so you're out of luck if you wanted a R.Mortis set. I seriously recommend just keeping an eye open for future work from Daniel Yu however, as I imagine any future creations will be just as stunning!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sitting Mini Greasebat - Creamsicle Orange - Jeff Lamm

As I'm mentioned before, I'm a skullbrain stalker & a month or two ago, I made myself a 'Want List' in the forums. The very first week I managed to acquire one toy(my Little Prick) & then, I get another message. Someone with a sitting greasebat available. I couldn't be happier! I had basically settled on the idea of never owning more Greasebats, the orange ones aren't easy to come by. I feel genuinely lucky to have another one for my collection.

I absolutely love Jeff Lamms artwork & toys, it's a little mental how much I love my new toy! Of course, you may also have noticed I have a mild obsession with the colour orange. I hope it's not too long before I'm able to source my next Greasebat. Not a bad start on my collection however. Hopefully the skullbrain forums, or ebay, or somewhere, will spawn the others I need to acquire soon!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tenacious Toys - Prize!

A package of toys arrived last week, which I had completely forgotten about. Tenacious Toys had a 'We've reached 17000 followers on Facebook' contest, which I somehow miraculously won. $62 worth of toy goodness & a nice little selection as well. Incredibly happy I won!

Generally, winning things, is not something that happens to me very often, but I've been having a good run lately. In this case, I'm just incredibly glad I did. The prize pack included:

- Tenacious Toys Exclusive OMFG Series 2 White set
- VISEone Zombie Goo NYCC Exclusive Biohazard edition
- Tenacious Toys Exclusive BUNNYWITH Affinity for Slave Women Blue by Alex Pardee

Always been a fan of Alex Pardees work & who dosne't love a Star Wars parody? I'd never thought much of the OMFG! toys, but they're really kind of amazing in person. I may one day seek out a black set to join the white. My favourite from the lot is the Zombie Goo. I love VISEones work, can't wait to own more now I finally have one in my possession.

Basically I'm shocked I won & I'm insanely happy with the prize! Tenacious Toys will definitely be a common destination of mine for future toy purchases. Really nice people, great selection of toys & a great website(so easy to navigate!). I'm glad to be one of their 17000 fans!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Holidays

To begin with, huge apology's as always, for my lack of posts lately. Christmas time is exhausting for me(the heat here isn't helping) & I'm only just finally feeling like myself again.
Anyway, I thought the easiest solution to this big gap of updates, is a giant post about everything new! So, lets get started.

An appropriate place to start, my new Brad McGinty shirt. Periodcally I go back & buy more from him. Last year he released his Kaiju Santa design on cards(I bought 5) this year he released it on a t-shirt, limited edition. I HAD to preorder one! BY far the greatest x-mas shirt I've ever owned. I wore it 4 times over the holiday season. A few little extras were tossed into my package too, always makes me happy!

I bought myself a couple of little items for Christmas. Didn't have much money to spare, but these purchases were spontaneous & are greatly loved. One awesome My Little Unicorn from Rampage Toys to hang on my bag & another 'Be My Slave' toy by Superdeux for my VERY slowly growing collection.

Superdeux - Stereotype - Be My Slave - Nami

Rampage Toys - Micro Bobble - My Little Unicorn

Of course, in addition to all the items I bought for myself, I acquired some epic gifts this year. I'm a hugely materialistic person, gifts are what Christmas is all about for me(both giving & receiving), this year, was a good one.
I had a few friends send me gifts this year, along with my familys Secret Santa & my own annual x-mas gathering, overall I acquire a nice little hoard.

Gift from my friend Debbie

Gift from my friend Sue

Gift from my sister

My Secret Santa gift

That's not quite everything(there's more dvds, kitchen items etc.), tragically the batteries in my camera died while I attempted to take more photos. I think those 4 photos sum-up the awesomeness of my gifts this year however!
The red arrow shelf is probably my favourite gift of the year, I had wanted it badly. Once I get it hung, I'll be covering it in toys. I promise to snap some photos.
I have a couple of others toys on their way(money to spend online, a gift from my roommate) but I'll post about them when they arrive. Expect many more blog posts this week however, as I'd created a bit of a back-log for myself over the holidays season.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas & Happy New Year!