Wednesday, October 5, 2016

'Milky Red' Mastodon Tank - Science Patrol

After Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2 I felt a great need for more vinyl toys in my life! I've longed for a tank toy for quite some time. Science Patrol sent over a few pieces at the SVM2 show, including a blue sparkly 'Mastodon Tank'. I'm not into glittery stuff however, so I thought I'd check out what they had online!
Thankfully it would seem that Science Patrol keep a random selection of Mastodon Tanks in stock! There was a 'milky red' one available, I had to have it! Definitely seemed like the toy I needed to satiate my need for more vinyl & a tank toy!

Photo snagged from Science Patrols store.

The wait for this toy nearly killed me, but it finally arrived today! Tasty sofubi goodness!

These tanks are inspired by the Metal Slug series. I haven't seen the series myself, this toy appealed to me simply because of it's chibi-tank nature! I like a good contrast of violence & cute in my life. I couldn't be happier with this addition! It's cute, it's bright & it's my very first tank toy!

I can't wait to add more toys from Science Patrol to my collection! Definitely worth checking out & maybe picking up something yourself!
You can find Science Patrol on storenvy, twitter & Instagram.