Saturday, September 28, 2013

Polar Edition BearAll - Jon-Paul Kaiser - Rhyme Square

Received my BearAll - Polar Edition recently(took me about a week to get a decent photo. There was many failed attempted). Ordered from eBay, from Daniel Perry(Jazzydan) who runs & was a finalist for 'best collection' in the designer toy awards this year. He's selling some of his collection, I'm just thankful I had money. I had to outbid a few people to win this little guy, but he was well worth it.

BearAll is an awesome sculpt, for some reason I simply cannot say 'no' to a naughty toy. Genitalia on a bear is just genius to me, I guess I have some issues. It really is an adorable little bear design though, I hope to hunt down some of the other colour variants in the future, if I'm lucky.

I'm so glad I've become aware of Jon-Paul Kaiser(Rhyme Square) & his awesome little bears. He released a Red Panda edition recently, tragically I missed the 24hour period he made it available. Hopefully one shows up on eBay one day. For now, the Polar Edition suits my current 'white things' obsession, so I'm glad this is where my BearAll collection has begun.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Obvious Slogan #2 - Hands off my Dinosaur!

Recieved a wonderful art print in the mail. I recently learned I had won the print, quite a few months ago(thanks Facebook for your 'Other' message section). Teo Zirinis, creator of 'Hands off my Dinosaur' does adorable work & I was so pleased to get to choose one of his prints from society6. I settled on one titled 'Obvious Slogan #2'.

It was truly a difficult decision, he has so many wonderful designs, seriously considering ordering some more for myself, or possibly for some of my friends & family(I do have one friend I've been having trouble thinking up gift ideas for this year, this could be a solution!). Here are some of the other designs I considered.

It's always nice to win something, especially when it's something actually worth winning! Now I just need a frame & then I'll find a spot for this new print on my walls somewhere.
Hopefully I'll have more art prints/paintings etc. to write about in the future. I am incredibly lazy about actually hanging any of the artwork I own however. I'm hoping to rectify that soon, then I can assess what space I have left for more!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Black Gloss QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Designs

Finally got my black gloss QiQi, like the other two, designed by Ziqi & produced by Creo Design. Probably lucky I even found one to buy I suppose, but it took a long time to arrive, I was mildly concerned for a while there. But beyond that, the little critter arrived & now I have all three.

I can't get over how cute QiQi is. Not my usual choice of toy, but sometimes cuteness wins me over. There's still a black & silver version out there I'd like to hunt down, and a couple of variations, only time will tell if I'll ever acquire them. For now I'm quite happy with my little set of cuteness.

Additional though, Ziqi now have a society6 store, all his cute designs, available as prints, or phone covers, or my personal favourite, pillow cases. There's nothing better then uber cuteness, on a pudgy puffy cushion. You should all go visit his store & but everything! I'm hoping to buy a pillow or two in the near future, they will bring some much needed 'cute' to my home.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY or Die Skelevex - DMS x Alto

SO I procrastinated all weekend & completely forgot to blog. MY inability to take a decent photo of white toys also delayed me. Finally ready to share one of my new toys, the DIY or Die Skelevex by DMS x Alto. It's my first skull toy & so tiny I can fit it on my newly painted display box, which is convenient.

Only 2.5inches tall & cast from resin, a wonderfully sturdy, yet small toy. I'm seriously considering ordering a few more to play around with, see what kind of custom creation I could come up with. Beside the fact I'm indulging in a bit of artwork lately, these can also be stacked, which I find insanely tempting!

I'm hoping to one day hunt down the 'Black Death' skelevex as well. Tragically it was limited to 20, so it's pretty unlikely I'll ever achieve that goal. In the meantime however, I'm quite happy. A lovely little addition to my collection. Expect many more skull toys in the future!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freshly Painted Keshi Display Box

Haven't received much mail this week(quite frustrating actually) but in the mean time, I was doing some painting.
Now, mine & my sisters memory of where this box came from differs, she believes a friend gave it to her, I'm sure one of our older brothers did, but we've had it within the family for at least 18years of my life. At some point, my sister gave it to me & it sat upstairs amongst my art stuff for the last few years, until now. Due to my recent obsession with keshis, it suddenly occurred to me I should paint the box & actually put it to use.
This box took me about 4days to finish(well, almost finish, I ran out of varnish on the 2nd coat).

I began by dusting thoroughly, I'm pretty sure it had never been cleaned in any way. Then two coats of black paint(along with extra touch ups, due to the crappy construction of this box), then I varnished. I got about 80% of the 2nd coat done before I ran out of varnish, but I'm ok with how it turned out regardless.

So far it's mostly empty, but that situation won't last long. I have plans to buy a few items from Man-e-Toys & Rampage Toys, amongst a few other places, in the near future. The space will be filled soon. In about 5weeks I'll have my new desk, I'm hoping this box will fit inside one of the shelves, if not it will take it's place on top, surrounded by other toys & things.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chou-Cho the Wing Monster - Rampage Toys Edition - Grumble Toys

So happy about my new toy! My first Kaiju!
Now, to emphasise why this toy appealed to me, I must embrace my geekiness. I'm a huge fan of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series & this little toy SO reminded me of one of the creatures from the show, that I simply had to own it! The Queller Demon from 'Listening to Fear'. Ok, so it's incredibly strange reasoning to want a toy, but I'm weird like that.

This purchase is of course, as a result of my new obsession with Rampage Toys. Browsing through their store seems to automatically result in me spending money. Additionally, looking up the artist Grumble Toys, I've learned there's at least another two version of this toy. I'm seriously considering buying another! For now however, I have the adorable dark green version. Incredibly creepy & incredibly cute too. This toy is everything a toy should be!

The arrival of this toy was slightly delayed. Turns out one cannot use a box with the word 'produce' on it, to ship things to Australia. So my package was sent back to Rampage Toys due to a tomato sauce box. Due to the delay however, they sent me a little something extra. A little cupcake dude keshi called 'Micro Cake'. He's based on their Cupcake Kaiju character. So adorable & a great addition to my keshi collection. It's always nice to find something a little extra in ones packages afterall. So today, I'm happy.

As always, apologys for my crappy photography. I really need to buy a photography tent, it's hard to prioritise for one when I'm much more inclined to buy toys.
Hopefully I'll have another toy or two arrive this week in fact(one never knows with Australia Posts crappy work ethics), might buy another one or two if I have the funds too. One must plan for future blog posts afterall.
Also, I suppose I should mention the little signature image I've created to end my blogs with. Basically I just found the end of my blogs didn't look 'right', so I created a little blob-dude with a hat. I may one day try sculpting him, but that will be FAR into the future I think. I do think he's cute though & it's nice to have a kind of 'mascot' for my blog.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Tree Friends - Flippy

Who doesn't love Happy Tree Friends? I've been mildly obsessed since I first caught the show on tv about 12years ago. Got my first HTF plushie, Cuddles, a couple of years later(in a showbag at the Brisbane Ekka). Since I became a eBay freak in recent years, I've managed to hunt a few more down for my collection. The Hunter Leisure plush set is surprisingly difficult to come by, I often wonder if I'll ever complete the set.

However, I managed to hunt down Flippy recently. He's probably one of the harder to find(i think people like his dogtags), so I'm glad to have finally acquired him.

He's now on my bookshelf, amongst the 4 other characters I own(& a handful of other plushies).

One day I shall complete the set, by that point the entire back section of that shelve will be filled with HTF goodness. I really do love plushies, it's too bad they take up such an excessive amount of space! For this collection however, it's worth it.