Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Handsome Studio - TTL (Cute Snout)

Back in October last year Handsome Studio shared something new. TTL(Cute Snout), an adorably phallic, cat/peach critter(you can read about the original prototype on The Toy Chronicle). From my understanding, the design wasn't intended to be suggestive.

In Handsome Studio's own words:

The TTL(Cute Snout) is a combination of the cat’s snout and peach.
I am always with a cat.
The cutest part of a cat is a snout.
As a child, peaches were expensive and could not be eaten.
Now the most precious thing to me and the lack of childhood are purely harmonious

However, I instantly saw it's inappropriate nature & it will always be a cute penis to me!

This little cutie is my first resin toy of the year & for something only 2.5 inches long, it's a beautifully rendered little thing! Handsome Studio obviously has some incredible skill working with resin. Not a air bubble in sight & sanded down to a perfectly smooth surface!
The Cute Snout is also beautifully painted. Shades of pink with a hint of sparkle. Generally I'm not a big fan of glittery paints, but this toys shine is so subtle I find it quite appealing.

This was actually one of my first purchases of the year, but it was missing some decals for it's eyes/whiskers/anus that were meant to come with it. Those arrived a couple of days ago.
I considered applying the decals before taking my photos, I hesitated however. I don't have the steady hand of a seasoned artist & I'm concerned my applications will make my Cute Snout appear a bit cockeyed(Hehehehe see what I did there?).

Besides the decals, this toy came with lots of fun little extras! Postcards & product cards, stickers & a awesome 2 inch badge! I really love the Cute Snout art on all the extras. That is one adorable little character!

The product card reads:

- Just a combination of a cat's snout and peach. But somehow sexual and cute?! -

TTL(Cute Snout) has been made in an endless array of colours(Handsome Studio is also working on more 'TTL World' designs!). I settled on the original, but I'm still super eager to gain some more! The clear versions & the white splattered(semen splattered?) version are probably my next Cute Snout goals!

TTL(Cute Snout) is still available to purchase, you can find them on etsy & ebay

You can find additional information about Handsome Studio on facebook & instagram

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lora Zombie x Eyes On Walls - Unicorn Kiss

When I first saw these making the rounds on social media, I was super excited. I'm a big fan of unicorns & these are adorable. I had a few purchasing struggles, but in the end I managed to snag one.

To pre-warn you, I will most likely use this in all future blog posts that include a unicorn :P

Lora Zombie does a great deal of unicorn art, but I believe this is her first foray into the realm art toys. 'Unicorn Kiss' really has the perfect design to incorporate into a toy. It's cute, it stands well on it's four little stumpy legs & well, it's a unicorn! The packaging art is super cute as well! It was produced by Mighty Jaxx & sold exclusively through Eyes On Walls. There were 4 different colours available. I bought the black version.

Tragically, I'm not really overwhelmed by the quality of this piece. For a Mighty Jaxx produced toy & for $25 USD(& $19.95 USD shipping!), I expected better. I could swear the tail seems a little different from the rest, darker, or shinier or something. Additionally there was tiny scraps of vinyl packaged in with the toy(perhaps from the vinyl trimming process?). A small piece left a tiny dent in one of the unicorns cheeks & it's been left with a overall unclean appearance. I'm not hugely fussy about toys, but I put a lot of effort into acquiring this one & it's left my enthusiasm a little dampened.

On a lighter note, it's a great addition to my collection of unicorn toys! After all, one can never have too many & the black is a fantastic contrast to the rest!

It really is a pretty adorable toy & It's a pretty impressive piece, standing at 5inches tall. I'm still happy I bought one! Even if it's not quite the quality I expected, this is a rather nice addition to my collection.

You can find Zora Zombie on facebook, instagram, twitter or check out her website.

You can also find her & multiple other artists on Eyes On Walls facebook, twitter, instagram & their website.