Saturday, December 31, 2016

Space Dog - Han Ning

My last toys of 2016! Space Dog by Han Ning. Back in February Han Ning released his "Space Boy", which came with a little companion 'Space Dog'. Due to overwhelming popularity, Han Ning started working on a set of Space Dog designs! These were originally announced back in July, but due to demand, they've been factory produced & they took a few months to make.

These are limited to 300 sets & are some seriously adorable toys! Da wang(yellow), Qiu qiu(blue) & Xiao tian(pink), I had to have all three! They were also impressively packaged(a box, within a box, with padded envelopes for each toy), just how I like my resin! And yes, even their helmets are resin!

I'm so grateful Han Ning took the time to e-mail me once these were available. The colours & the overall cuteness of these makes me super happy! The perfect set of toys to end a pretty crappy year!

Everyone needs a set of these in their life! They are still available & you can pick up your own set of these cuties, they're $25USD each: Taobao

I've been told there will be another Space Dog released later in 2017 too! Can't wait to see what else Han Ning comes up with!

You can find Han Ning on instagram tumblr or check out their blog

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Doh-nut Killer - Butchovision

A fun little toy & one of my last minute arrivals for the year, the OG Doh-nut Killer from Butchovision! I picked this up during their sales recently. 50% off, I couldn't resist!

Butch was kind enough to throw in a bunch of extra goodies too! The Michael Simpson card is fantastic & I'm particularly fond of the Roger pin(love me a bit of American Dad)!

Butchovision still has a sale going! I highly recommend taking this opportunity to pop by his store & grabbing yourself a little bit of awesome!

You can find Butchovision on facebook instagram twitter & tumblr

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

'Milky Red' Mastodon Tank - Science Patrol

After Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2 I felt a great need for more vinyl toys in my life! I've longed for a tank toy for quite some time. Science Patrol sent over a few pieces at the SVM2 show, including a blue sparkly 'Mastodon Tank'. I'm not into glittery stuff however, so I thought I'd check out what they had online!
Thankfully it would seem that Science Patrol keep a random selection of Mastodon Tanks in stock! There was a 'milky red' one available, I had to have it! Definitely seemed like the toy I needed to satiate my need for more vinyl & a tank toy!

Photo snagged from Science Patrols store.

The wait for this toy nearly killed me, but it finally arrived today! Tasty sofubi goodness!

These tanks are inspired by the Metal Slug series. I haven't seen the series myself, this toy appealed to me simply because of it's chibi-tank nature! I like a good contrast of violence & cute in my life. I couldn't be happier with this addition! It's cute, it's bright & it's my very first tank toy!

I can't wait to add more toys from Science Patrol to my collection! Definitely worth checking out & maybe picking up something yourself!
You can find Science Patrol on storenvy, twitter & Instagram.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bukkake - Electric Monarchy

It's probably quite obvious that I enjoy the occasional dirty/inappropriate toy. Recently Art Whore listed a toy in their store that fit that description. Honestly the toy name 'Bukkake' was enough to get my attention! I just had to have one!

A lot of people were involved in the creation of this little cum-pile. The original design is by Fintism(Electric Monarchy) & this is their very first toy! It was sculpted by Macsorro & casted by TRU:TEK. It's cast in 'rubber resin'(don't ask me what that is, but it's what the packaging says!) & seriously just an amazing design concept & beautifully rendered!

Luckily I learn of the existence of this toy before it was sold out(which it now is). Exclusive to Art Whore, this GID version was limited to only 25.

Every purchase of Bukkake came with a bonus toy(from random series). I must be lucky as I was sent a bunch of extra goodies! The black coated rubber head is particularly awesome(though i'm also rather fond of the red bear-head M.U.S.C.L.E. man)!

I tried to get a photo of Bukkake glowing, but my lack of photography skills killed that idea. You can find some great glow pics on the Electric Monarchy Instagram page however!

I couldn't be happier with this chubby little keshi! The attention to detail in the sculpt is stunning! It's also nice to add something disgusting & glowy to my collection.

You can find Fintism(Electric Monarchy) Instagram, Twitter or their website.
You can find Art Whore on facebook & Instagram. Or visit their website or store!
You can find Macsorro on
You can find TRU:TEK on Instagram

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2

The second annual Soft Vinyl Mayhem exhibit is on! Presented by Bad Teeth Comics, Derrr Toys & Laced. The exhibit is running for a week this year. Over 35 artists have contributed to the show & the selection is simply amazing!

I popped in on Friday for the preview show, to check prices & snag a few pictures. It was great to have the opportunity to see this selection of toys in person. There were a few artists I'd never heard of this year & I love having the chance to expand my art-toy knowledge!

These photos only cover a small selection that the show had to offer!

One of the highlights of the show were the pieces NagNagNag sent over. They were only available through a lottery at the preview show & tragically beyond my price range. I'm super jealous of the winners!

I went back in today to join the epic line-up of eager toy enthusiasts waiting to buy some goodies(wish I'd snag a photo of that!). I managed to snatch up a Saihatari by Amapro & a blank orange Cadaver Kid by Splurrt.
Not my biggest spending spree, but I'm VERY happy with the pieces I walked away with!

I neglected to post about the first Soft Vinyl Mayhem show last year(in fact, I neglected to blog all year). So for your viewing pleasure, here are all my Soft Vinyl Mayhem acquisitions in one picture!

So if you're local, make sure to head into the Brisbane city while the exhibit is still on! Now I eagerly await for next years SVM exhibit!

You can find more info(or jsut keep updated) about Soft Vinyl Mayhem on the website & Instagram

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sammy - Sado Friend - Greenbag Toys

Probably the cutest little sadistic fellow ever envisioned! Sammy is the creation of Greenbag Toys(Chester Greenbag). One of a handful of characters he's been working on & refining for years, but the first to be brought to life in toy form.

The time and attention to detail on this toy really help emphasise how much these characters mean to their creator. I think Sammy is a brilliant design. I love his tiny head, his ample belly, his chunky boots, he's just adorable! Sammy is made from resin & about 4 inches tall & just a super fun little guy! I really struggle to express how much I love this toy!

I couldn't be happier to finally have my hands on Sammy! This is probably my favourite toy from the last couple of years. I finally had the money to pay for him & now he's mine!
This photo sucks, it really doesn't show off the brilliant packaging on Sammy! He even came with stickers for customisation!
As this photo shows, I also received a fantastic custom Sammy. You can see more photos & read more about him here: Clockwork Banana - Sammy - Sado Friend

Sammy has now found a home amongst my more risqué toys. It seemed a suitable place for him.

I received a couple of prints & a postcard as well! They're a great variety of Sammy designs! I seriously love Greenbag Toys design style & these bring a smile to my face! Hopefully I'll have some frames soon to hang them up. You can't go wrong with a bit of Ultraviolent & naked Sammy on your walls!

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the recently teased plushy version of Sammy! I predict he'll be even more adorable in plush form! He'll be great for a snuggle & the perfect someone to whisper all your little depravities to!

I couldn't recommend this toy more! I'm unsure if many/any Sammys are still available, but if you want one(& you should!) you can find more info or contact Greenbag Toys on facebook & instagram

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fluff Critter & Stuff - Cult Mini-Figures

I'm just loving this monstrosity from Cult Mini-Figures(Steve Moffatt)! A very kind gift & a very epic custom toy! Just loving this crazy 'Fluff Critter'(the name I've gone with on this crazy freak)!

One of two toys I received from Cult Mini-Figures & just an incredibly insane toy! You can read more about the other toy in more detail here: Droogimus Prime & Stuff - Cult Mini-Figures

I've always found picket sign toys appealing & after seeing a similar critter Steve made(which is currently owned by The Toy Finder), I had to have one & pleaded for my own fluff monster!

I couldn't be happier with the result! This thing is mental(& that's a good thing)! Fluffy, asymmetrical, protesting humanity & one of a kind. Really couldn't ask for more!
You can find more of Steve's awesome work on facebook & Instagram

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1:6 scale latex 'Seventy Five' Kirk Mask - Creations Unearthed

I'm useless & meant to blog about this more then a week ago, but hey, I'm here now!
Recently Creations Unearthed held a awesome contest to win a 1:6 scale latex 'Seventy Five' Kirk mask. A 1:6 version of the 1975 Captain Kirk latex mask, which was the mask used(painted white) in Halloween(1978) & Halloween II(1981). I just happened to be the lucky winner!!! This little mask it just disturbing & I love it & I'm so damn happy I won!

I'm working on a nice little display for my new mini mask, though so far all I've ordered is a small acrylic box for it. But i have other plans & it should look epic eventually! For now I have to tragically leave it boxed until I've sorted out my display issues. Endless problem around here, but in this case as the item is latex, I absolutely INSIST on an in-closed display before I allow this mask to see the light of day(beyond a few quick photos that is :P)!

I love Creations Unearthed. Their figurines are some of the most detailed I've seen in my life! A major focus on horror films(which honestly, what's not to love about that?) & the quality is just overwhelming. You can find Creations Unearthed on Facebook or on their website. However the 1:6 Kirk mask was ONLY available through the giveaway, so you're out of luck on this creepy item! :P

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rosco - Fantastisch

Today I bring you Rosco by Fantastisch. An adorable low-poly 'bear with bow-tie' design! Fantastisch is Bela Álvarez & Oscar Juárez(I believe Bela designed Rosco), lovely people & they helped me with my purchase!

I love low-poly designs. They're a brilliant way to capture an idea, with minimal distraction by excessive detail. Why be excessive, when simplicity can be so effective? I had to have a Rosco!

The packaging was simple, but quite lovely! A little paper bag & Rosco cardboard cut-outs! The postcards were nice extras too!

I was persuaded to order when I did, as the black Rosco was running low on stock(now out of stock) & well, I really wanted Rosco in black! However, both Rosco & his bow-tie are available in six different colours! I picked the yellow bow-tie. I'm eager to buy a yellow Rosco with black bow-tie as well. A matching pair would be adorable!

I think Fantastisch have some amazing design ideas & Rosco is proof of that, I'm excited to see what else they bring to the toy world in the future! You can find them & follow their work on facebook & Instagram.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Plague Oracle - Smoke Veil Edition - Daniel Yu

Continuing my obsession with the work of Daniel Yu, I received my 2nd Plague Oracle today. The Plague Oracle sculpt is my latest favourite from Daniel Yu, they go beautifully with my past Daniel Yu acquisitions & the little hand accessories are just an awesome little bonus!
This latest Plague Oracle is part of Daniels recent 'Smoke Veil' series. Each figure was limited to 20 pieces.

Photo by Daniel Yu - Left to Right - Wilbur, Plague Oracle, Lunar Creep & Darwin

I'm a huge fan on Daniels blank editions. As much as I also greatly respect his skill with paint, sometimes I think it distracts from the beauty & detail of his sculpting. Also being a fan of black & red, in this particular case I couldn't resist adding to my collection.

Differing from my first Plague Oracle which came with a mini skull accessory, this new one includes 3 accessories! A anatomical heart, a rose & a little pile of poo! These accessories are no exception in regards to Daniels amazing attention to detail. My photos do not do them justice!

I cannot wait to add more Plague Oracles to my collection in the future! I'm also eager to see what new characters Daniel Yu will add to his repertoire!
For those hoping to add any of the 'shadow veil' editons to their own collection - Darwin(the fox) has sold out, but the other 3 designs are still currently available in Daniels store here.
You can also check out Daniels past work on his website or follow him on Facebook & Instagram

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tinbot [ black, lady ]

Somewhere I saw a picture of a Tinbot(probably one of the many people I follow on Facebook) & instantly needed one in my life! They're manufactured by Trendex, a company who create many fun & innovative designs!
The Tinbots are so cheap that money wasn't an object, but colour decisions can be difficult & currently Tinbot World offer 4 versions of this awesome concept!

Of course, being me, I went with the orange & black option(really the decision wasn't that difficult, I'm bias on the subject of orange :P). It's one of the 'lady' Tinbots, with a rather cute little robot face! Even the packaging(& business card!) are perfectly paired to the toys!

The Tinbots are about 2x1.5x1inches when all packed away in their tins. They consist of 6 pieces. 5 magnetised body parts & the tin. They're also super poseable(tragically I'm not the most creative photographer :P)!

This really is just a super fun toy! If i had more I could mix & match the pieces too! I'm tempted to buy more already & I hope for many more colour options in the future!
For less then $10 including shipping, this is definitely a favourite amongst my recent acquisitions!
Don't forget to check out Tinbot World on Facebook & bigcartel

Friday, April 8, 2016

Clect - Collect Together

I want to share with all my readers a great collecting resource!
Clect is the newest thing in online collecting. It's still a pretty young website, evolving & getting better all the time! I've been a member pretty much since the beginning & the site just continues to improve(they're also always willing to take any suggestions you might have!) . A major focus on pop culture specifically. It's basically the social media collecting platform we all need!

The guys at Clect have been working tirelessly to get their cell phone apps up & running too! You can find the iphone app Here, you can also sign up to to be notified when the Android app is ready Here.

Now I want to discuss some specifics.
On Clect you can create 'Cards' & 'Packs'. Uploading 'Cards' is super easy(& the site has walk-through tours to help you learn!). Upload the image, title it, give it a story & choose if it's private or public. Done! Hashtagging is also encouraged :P
You can also add your 'Cards' to 'Packs'. You can create your own new 'Packs', or add your 'Cards' to existing public 'Packs'(you can also make private ones!). They're a great way to share more focused collections, or to find people with similar tastes to your own!

The 'Packs' are one of my favourite features on Clect. I love sharing my collection with others & it's always amazing when I find people who can appreciate the stuff I have! The Packs are constantly being fine-tuned, I expect they'll be a favourite amongst most Clect users soon enough.
Currently my favourite Packs are 'Resin & Vinyl Toys' & 'Autographs!'. They're both public & I've love to see them grow! If you're a member & have any suitable Cards to add to my Packs that would be fantastic & I look forward to all contributions!

So come on! What are you waiting for? If you haven't joined yet just click here:

To quote Eric Cartman(South Park) - 'Join the online sensation before we all murder you.'