Monday, May 29, 2017

Kappa - Stegoforest - Jesse Narens

More vinyl! Yay! This weird little cutie is called 'Kappa' by Jesse Narens. Part of his 'Stegoforest' series. This sculpt was first teased about 3 years ago(or at least that's when I first became aware of it), originally named 'Mossy Kappa'. I instantly wanted it! Luckily I saw a blog post from SpankyStokes a couple of weeks ago about the first release & I managed to snag the very last one! There was 4 or 5 different colours for the first release(I think), I got a red one!

Yokai demons are pretty common to see in the toy realm & Kappas are a pretty popular choice. Generally I find it all a bit redundant, but this little guy is the exception to my rule apparently. I couldn't look past it's cute little feet & tail, it's hooked beak & the general creepy cuteness of it.

These were produced by Science Patrol, the same milky red vinyl used for my Mastodon Tank I think. About 3.75inches long & 1.75inches tall. It's articulated at the neck & very well balanced thanks to it's four feet.

I'm so glad I learned about this released before they sold out. Though I'm sure there will be more Kappas in the future, I'm particularly fond of red. Jesse Narens 'stegoforest' creatures are wonderful & I'm excited to see what other strange things he creates in the future.

You can find Jesse Narens 'Stegoforest' on facebook & instagram

Thursday, May 25, 2017

FuKu Bear ( Blank Pink ) & ( Blank Yellow ) - Don't Cry In The Morning

How cute are these? Don't Cry In The Morning recently dived into the realm of vinyl & the moment I saw the FuKu bear, I basically stalked their social media until an online release happened! DCITM are an avid user of bright colours & these bears are no exception! As you can see, I couldn't decide which colour I liked best, so I bought both!

I think these bears are totally weird! Bulgy eyes & fortune cookie heads? Who comes up with that? The combination of cute & weird is greatly appealing to me!

The Fuku Bears were one of two toys that were part of DCITM first vinyl release. The 'Kaiju YaKu' was also available in two colours(they have both sold out already). Honestly, I was quite tempted by the kaiju as well, but my money supply was limited & the FuKu Bears were my priority!

I really love these toys! They bring a bit of colour my shelves, which is always nice! They're about 4.5 inches(12cm) tall, surprisingly well balance(I had them standing on my coffee table, which I then walked into & they stayed standing!). They also have cute little tails & I love that their hands are smooth, almost like they're gloved! Honestly a very well thought out toy! They are also only HK$220(about $30 USD) each, which is a bargain!

Both the pink & yellow blank FuKu Bears are limited to 50 each. There's still some available, so grab them while you can! I'm excited to see what other colours are produced in the future! Though really, I just think I'm excited to have more sofubi in my life! On a roll this year!

You can find Don't Cry In The Morning on facebook & instagram, or pop over to their site & buy yourself one of their first FuKu Bear releases!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mickey Monster - Vincent Scala

Back in November, the Mickey Monster kickstarter was making the rounds on social media. I loved Vincent Scalas design, but as I have no credit/debit card I was unable to pledge. Instead I took the time to share it obsessively, in the hope that when it reached its goal & got produced, I could buy one. That opportunity recently became a reality & now I have this epic mickey-parody freak for my shelves!

Admittedly the quality of this toy is a little lacking. Mine came loose from it's inner blister during shipping & was floating around in it's packaging. Honestly though, for $40 USD, this thing is amazing! 7 inches tall & 3 points of articulation(which really helps with it's balance... which is a little questionable!). I actually love that the vinyl seams are weirdly placed(bottom of the head, at the top of one leg) & the paintwork isn't as perfect as it could be. It all makes the toy quite unique & a little silly!

Vincent Scala threw in a few goodies for me. All very awesome, but the pin is probably my favourite. It's found a new home on my bag & it's officially the largest pin I own! These stickers are pretty sick though. Makes me feel the need to come up with a solution for my ever-growing collection of stickers!

The concept for this toy is creepy & playful. There are three version of Mickey Monster. The solid black & pink versions are limited to 50 & are $100 USD a piece. If i could afford it I'd totally snag the other two versions!

I absolutely love this toy! So happy to finally have one in my hands & it was totally worth the wait! I'm excited to see what else Vincent Scala will make in the future!

You can check out his work(or buy your own Mickey Monster!) on his website & instagram

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Customs - Bash Projects(Bas Petter)

This is probably the largest order of toys so far in my collecting history! It might seem insane to some, but this purchase took... some time. Almost 4 years in fact. It was totally worth the wait(the blame for the long time period can probably be put on both parties equally :P)!

It all began with a contest. Bash Projects(Bas Petter) had just completed a set of mini 'Lunartik in a Cup of Tea' customs that he called 'The Barrels of Tea'.

Six brave animals who aren't afraid of a little adventure. They traded their Cups of Tea for these wooden barrels and jumped in the river. They are gonna go down the Niagara Falls!

Bas decided to give away of couple of these cuties. He held a contest that required giving an idea for a larger Cup of Tea custom. I was one of two winners. The elephant 'Barrel of Tea' was my cute little prize! I also managed to snag the last 'Barrel of Tea'(the pig) that was available.

My idea for my contest entry was a 'Cute Little Rat'. As Bash started sharing photos of his progress on the custom, it became clear to me that I'd need to buy that rat once it was complete.

Honestly this rat is adorable! Bas obviously took my suggestion of 'cute' literally. It's wearing cheese on it's head & look at it's tiny little bear minion! It's just insanely adorable!

The other winning idea was a 'Head Hunter'. I decided to snag that too! It's a pretty mental custom.

I really love the bone through it's nose, beautifully executed in my opinion. I also love the colours(which my photos really don't do justice to) & the fact it's cooking itself!

When I saw this monstrous custom 8' Dunny zombie, I thought to myself 'Fuck it, why not add one more to your order!'(of course, being me, I DIDN'T stop there & you can read about the absolutely LAST additions to my order on my A Clockwork Orange Collector blog). I really love the details on this one. The little severed arm, the dismembered limbs, the exposed brain. It's just all happening with this freak!

You may notice in the pics, there's an axe that needs to be re-attached to the back, I'll get around to that the next time I feel I'm having a 'steady-hands' day(it was removed to ensure safe travel on it's way to me)!

Bas also threw in his epic take on King Kong that he strung together for ToyConUK back in 2014. Honestly a pretty mind-blowing custom 7' Munny. I'm quite happy to add it to my collection!

These toys are brilliant! I'm glad I'm able to lay claim to such a huge selection of customs from Bash Projects.
I'm unsure if Bas is still making customs, but you can find him on facebook & inquire if you love his work!