Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Le Fucker - LeFucker Tag [Matt Black]

Thanks to Jeffrey Koh(Le Fucker), I'm now the proud owner of a Matt Black LeFucker Tag. Limited to only 5, I feel incredibly privileged to own one. I recommend popping over to the LeFucker store if you want to own one, I'm personally surprised they haven't sold out yet. Don't miss your chance to own these 8inches of self-satisfying resin!

Get a tag of the unlegendary LeFucker. Cast in resin by the awesome people from Pretty in Plastic, this is hardy enough to be used as a weapon of minimal destruction or just as a decorative piece on your table to serve as a warning to nincompoops. Or perhaps as a gift to your beloved boss.
Time to screw the world.

I always love being introduced to another company that produce toys. Pretty In Plastic make some incredible items, the series of LeFucker Tags is a beautiful example in my opinion. Personally, I think it's even more stunning in real life & it also makes a nice shelf-partner for my Tooth Decay.

Hopefully I'll own another one or two of these in the future. A yellow version has already been released as a follow-up to the Matt Black, but I'm holding out for the gloss black version! So happy with this first version however, glad to have it on my shelves. A lovely little statement piece.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tofufu Studio - Mini Prints

Recently, I stumbled across Tofufu's store on etsy, 'Tofufu Studio' & was simply compelled to buy a few of their mini prints! They're adorable, limited to 500 & extremely reasonably priced. I settled on three designs.

Of course, the wonderful people at Tofufu threw in an extra little print for me, a fantastic little treat. I cannot wait to put these up, I plan to display them with a bunch of my toys. I need to acquire some appropriate hanging paraphernalia first however. For now, they'll be stashed away with my collection of un-hung artwork. Definitely something I hope to rectify soon.

I;m a huge fan of Tofufu, particularly their artwork. They offer a selection of some of the cutest little pieces of art available anywhere, I'm incredibly proud to me a new owner of some of their work! They of course also supply an epic selection of toys, which is always a plus for me & my fellow collectors!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cheestroyer Cheeseburger - Double Haunt - Kickstarter

I just want to bring attention to a brilliant kickstarter that's running at the moment. Double Haunt creates fantastic little critters(he also happens to be from Brisbane & I like to support my local toy creators!) & right now he's collaborating with Bad Teeth Comics to try & produce the comic character 'Cheestroyer' into a vinyl toy.

Crazy Kaiju Cheeseburger Vinyl Toy from Australia's Bad Teeth Comics & Double Haunt
--- The Mini Cheestroyer!!

Imagine relaxing on the beach and suddenly seeing a huge creature emerging from the ocean.. Could it be Godzilla?? As it bursts through the surface you recognize a familiar image - a sesame seed bun!! The "Mini Cheestroyer" has arrived and here's your chance to bring him to life in the form of a wonderful Glow in the Dark soft vinyl toy measuring 4.5 inches tall with articulated head and waist joints!

The rewards for pledging are brilliant, pocket-burger monsters, different versions of the vinyl Cheestroyer(glow, clear & numerous others), original art etc. All very reasonable prices too. I say jump on it while you have the opportunity, certain items are available through pledging only. Score yourself some fun rare items!
It is one insane looking kaiju-esque toy. I wanted to pledge, but tragically I'm incapable of doing so at the moment(No debit or credit card. Something I seriously intend to rectify in the near future, so I can support toy kickstarters). I would hate to see their goal fail however, I'm always inspired when I see the effort people put in to create their toys. It's something worth supporting in my opinion.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ron English x Pearl Jam - Falla Sheep - Monochrome

So, thanks to JazzyDan(Fugi.me) I have myself another awesome toy. My very first Ron English toy(how sad is that?), one of his new Falla Sheep. I'm only seeking 3 of the colour variations of this toy, thanks to JazzyDan, I'm one down on my list. The toy is surprisingly awesome. A little bigger then I'd envisioned, articulated arms & his awesome little anti-NRA rifle accessory was a completely necessary addition to the toy design.

I'm really in love with this toy design. A wolf in sheep's clothing, the concept greatly amuses me. Seriously so much detail on these toys though, makes me wish I was a better photographer(also, ignore the randomness of the pic, been moving stuff around).

Such a great new addition to my collection, so happy with it! Can't wait to seek out the Brown & Black versions in the future!
As always, I apologise for neglecting my blog lately. I spent my week cleaning & decorating in preparation for Christmas. It was time consuming & exhausting.