Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Micro 'My Little Unicron' & Cupcake Plane Kit - Rampage Toys

Received another order from Rampage Toys today. Always an exciting way to wake-up. Ordered myself one of their Micro 'My Little Unicorn' toys in yellow vinyl. It's adorable, I hope to buy more of them when more colours are released in the future. I also managed to pick up one of the last Cupcake Plane model kits. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna leave it unpainted, mostly because my 'small detail' painting skills are quite lacking & I wouldn't want to destroy something so awesome. It has a basic nail to use for it's stand. That aspect amuses me greatly, one simply can't go wrong with something so tiny & ridiculous. Rampage Toys Cupcake Planes are also pretty awesome due to the fact they're made up of three pieces. Magnets keep the cupcake & plane blades in place. So cute & simple, I'm actually considering buying a few other colours just for the novelty aspect.

Rampage Toys have also released their Halloween selection:

- Splatterhouse GID Kyuuketsushi
- 'Tricks and Treats' Bobby and Harry set
- X-Ray Kowaillas(5 varieties)
- Orange/Black marbled vinyl Ugly Unicorns

Absolutely fantastic group of toys. I'm seriously considering buying one or two of the 'X-Ray Kowaillas' & generally, I'm not a big fan of that sculpt. Yet here I sit, contemplating an exception. I'm a huge fan of skeleton toys & orange/black, so Halloween is a great time for me & toys, assuming I have the money to spend. In this case, I may have to wait. Maybe I'll be lucky & there will be a couple still available next week.

So many new toys from Rampage lately, I'm in awe over their creativity(& motivation). Hopefully I'll acquire more in the near future. However, I'm currently saving for a rather large toy/art purchase, so my flow of purchases might be a little low for a while. All worth it though, to own the things one truly wants, sacrifices must be made now & then. I will blog about a couple I've had to say 'no' to recently to afford other, higher priority toys.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mini Toasted Marshall - 64 Colors

So, the weekend is here, I have no money(again), so I thought it's time to blog, save myself browsing things all day that I can't afford. Loads of new toys released this week that I'm dying for, but today I just wanna share one that arrived a couple of days ago. The mini toasted Marshall by 64 Colors.

So adorable, honestly cannot wait to get more 64 colors toys, they're sickeningly cute. Hoping to hunt down the full-sized Marshall soon(only an inch bigger) & want some of the Gumdrops as well, because, well, they're adorable.
Haven't quite decided if I want other colour versions of Marshall yet, it is tempting. For now though, I settled for the 'he's been tortured but he's still smiling' version(yes, my mind works in... interesting ways). A touch of violence on my collection of 'cute' always goes well with me.

I have a couple of other toys from the week to blog about this weekend, bit of a slow toy week, but 'some' is better then 'none'. I've actually taken some time this week to focus on my art. Did a few hours of work on my computer & finally got a printer cable. Plan to spend part of my weekend scanning sketches(& possibly more computer art). If i feel confident enough, I made add a link or two to my work in my next blog. This is a good example of my life 'distractions' however. One person, trying to do a million things, so as always, I apologise for the delay between blog entries.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gloss-Black & Gloss-White QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Design

Thanks to my persistence(perhaps a better word is 'harassment'?) I have two new toys I'm very proud to own. Due to my insane obsession with Creo Design & Ziqi(monster Little) I took it upon myself to see if I could hunt down more versions of QiQi. Searching through photos I learned there was at least two more versions(I already owned 3). So I contacted Creo Design(I had been communicating... or harassing Chris since he made Tooth Decay) asking if he was able to source my sought-for QiQi's. Chris suggested I contact Ziqi directly. I'm a little nervous about contacting new people, but the search for epic cuteness pushed me to write to them.
I was in luck, Ziqi thought they may have one or two hiding around. Happy to say, they managed to find two blanks for me, one gloss-black & one gloss-white.

I didn't even know a blank-black version existed, so think of my joy from this news! Two more QiQi for my 'army of cute'. Still one more QiQi to hunt for, the black & silver version. One day my army shall be complete!
The black one is beautiful, can't explain it, but there's something about the texture of the toy that just makes it shine is a unique way. The white one is almost pearlescent, very unexpected. They look beautiful next to each other, hopefully I'll have a little display tank for them soon.

So happy to have made a new artist friend & about successfully acquiring new 'cute' for my shelves. I'm simply loving Facebook lately, helping me meet new, artistically inclined, people. It helps motivate & inspire me & gives me like-minded people to communicate with.

A side note on 'shelves'. Only another week or two until I'll have my new desk. I will share photos once it's all set up. I'm hoping to dedicate at least two shelves to toys over time, but we'll see how things go. The QiQi army however, will most definitely be making it onto my new shelves!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spiki the Wolfman - Teen Wolf Variant - Mai Hiro

As any child of the 80's will tell you, Teen Wolf is awesome. So when I stumbled across the Spiki the Wolfman Teen Wolf variant, I simply had to have it. However, being limited to only 100, this was proving a little complicated. Thankfully I pop onto rotocasted 2-3times a day & someone just happened to be selling one.

Spiki is a creation by Mai Hiro(Nakanari) & the toys are manufactured by Kuso Vinyl. There are many versions(most recently Ninja ones), I'm actually considering buying the other Wolfman version, it's a subtle parody of Michael Jackson in Thriller, in his red & yellow varsity jacket. I'm still undecided & for now, I'm quite happy with my little Teen Wolf Spiki.

There is one other Teen Wolf inspired toy I'm seeking at the moment, one of the Google Android toys. He's a little beyond my price range at the moment(recently realised I really should start making some headway with my x-mas shopping), but soon he shall take his place next to Spiki, thus helping me emphasise the awesomeness that is Teen Wolf.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Slumber x Creo Design - SlumberBean

Just heard about a fantastic upcoming toy release. A collaboration between Slumber & Creo Design, the SlumberBean 'Flavour Friends' are absolutely adorable in my opinion. Cast from Creo Design's unique PU resin, they are 5inches tall & limited to 20 per colour. The first edition 'Original Flavour'(red) will be released on Friday 01.11.2013 at mid day GMT from for £30 Excluding shipping.

SlumberBean was originally created by illustrator Sam Hadley, also known as Slumber in 2010.
The Slumberbean already stars in a series of illustrated prints but now he's ready to snooze around your home in a new limited series of Art Figures called 'Flavour Friends'. SlumberBean features in the Pictoplasma Character Compendium, and has been exhibited in Bristol, Berlin and Madrid.

I really hope I manage to get one of these, I adore Creo's hand crafts/cast/painted items, would be simply wonderful to add another to my collection. Also, I just adore shelf-sitting toys & had been planning to acquire some, now I have a wonderful excuse to do so!

Monday, October 14, 2013

PEZ & Other Things

So, as you may or may not know, I also collect PEZ. I recently received an order of them(plan to take a break from PEZ shopping for a while now) & just thought I'd share a photo with you all(apologies for my carpet, apparently it looks even worse in photos then in real life).

Not a bad addition to my collection, pretty sure I'm all caught up with my Star Wars PEZ now, so that's nice. The barbie boxset is a little outside of my taste, but I really hate falling too far behind on boxsets & I figured if I was getting the KISS one, might as well just get both! Of course, it's taken me about 3days to clean & reorganise my PEZ collection. Still got another 20 or so ninja turtle PEZ to set up. It's such a tedious process.

Besides PEZ I haven't received anything new for a week or so(waiting on a few items however). So I thought I'd share one of the items I wish I could buy right now.
Scott Wilkowskis AlphaInvader & MicroInfection set.

For only $40, a beautiful set. I've heard that Wilkowskis smaller work is hard to find once it sells out, so I'm hoping I can pull the funds together soon(really sick of saving) before they sell out.

I have a few other 'wants' I may share in the future, but hopefully I'll have a few new toys in my own collection to share in the coming weeks. As always, apologies for being such a terrible procrastinator when it comes to my blog(& most other aspects of my life), it's been a 'lazy week' in my world.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Child’s Play 2 - Horror Be@rbrick - Series 25

I just remembered I have another toy I'd forgotten to blog about. I'm planning to buy a display for be@rbricks soon, as a result it occurred to me I should actually buy a few more. So, the first one I've acquired is the Child's Play 2 release(there's also a 400% version & a variant).

Not the most unique be@rbrick available, but only the first of many(I already have the two Giger 100% ones, but they have their own display boxes). Hopefully by the time I buy the display for them, I have a few more & taking a photo is worth it. For now, at least I've made a start, as it's ridiculous how many be@rbricks I want(mostly film focused ones).

Not a bad starter-bear. He was extremely cheap, which is why I bought him(just happened to have a spare $10 at the time). Hopefully I'll be picking up another few cheaper ones soon, though I'm sure I'll share them here to let you know, when the time comes.
Again, just a warning that my funds are a little low at the moment, so new toy posts might be a little rare for a while. I'm planning to do a few 'things I want' blogs in the near future, keep you all entertained while I'm poor.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Big T + Little C + Barry - BFFS Series 2 - Travis Cain

Ok, I've had a pretty bad week, so I wanted to leave this blog until my mood was a little better. I had a theft incident earlier this week, a man walked into my home & stole my bag. Now, generally this wouldn't be a problem, except that my bag was covered in 17years of badges I'd collected & keychains, patches etc. The sentimental loss is overwhelming. Mostly, I've been trying not to think about it.
So, to move on to better subject, lets continue with my tooth obsession. As I've mentioned before, I have serious issues with the dental industry, dental hygiene, just teeth in general. As a result, I feel the need to portray that aspect of myself through at least a small portion of my toy shopping. So I went hunting & I found Travis Cain. His toys are adorable! There are a few pieces from his BFFS series that I'd love to acquire, but the teeth took priority. Big T is just the most adorable little tooth ever!

So I browsed on ebay & found a Big T + Little C + Barry for myself. Nothing cuter then a tooth decayed by candy corn!
There are other Travis Cain toys I want(including another tooth), mostly the ones that relate to me(coffee, lungs etc), but I'm just glad to have another tooth to sit amongst my other toys.

Just another small addition to my collection. I'm in the process of trying to save for a couple of larger toys, so my purchases have been a little slow lately. I am, however, trying to buy reasonably regularly, mostly for the benefit of my readers. Always more I want & I always find a way to justify spending the money! This week, I only have one more toy to share with you all. Hopefully this 'lull' won't be long-lived. Maybe next week I'll share a few things I 'want' instead of things I 'have'!