Friday, February 17, 2017

The Shining - Pattern - Be@rbrick

I'm not the biggest fan of Be@rbricks, but I couldn't pass on this one! As Stanley Kubrick & Stephen King are two of my major cultural focuses in life, this was a completely necessary addition to my collection!

Series 33 - 'Pattern' Be@rbick - The Shining

The moment I saw this(I saw a pic on facebook somewhere) I went hunting on ebay. Snagged one for under $8USD(with free shipping. Woo!). I'm hoping one day they'll do the blue carpet from Kubricks vision of the story as well. That would make a awesome pairing with this little guy!

Medicom have been releasing some fantastic Be@rbrick designs lately. There's a new 2001: A Space Odyssey one I need to get my hands on as well. I'm basically obligated to expand my Be@rbrick collection at this point, but it's well worth it!

Friday, February 3, 2017

PITT - Veneno Toys

My latest new arrival, PITT from Veneno Toys. This cute little fellow was created by Chucho Rojas. 3.5inches tall & made of vinyl, along with his little fabric undies! The underwear is available with three different stitching colours, orange, green & grey. I went with grey.
I love the packaging for this toy(I really should have taken more photos). The box basically reacreated PITT in box-form. It's a nice little detail.

I've always felt, that toys wearing underpants are pretty damn awesome. This toy reinforces that idea! Those are some completely adorable tighty whities!

He also has an cutesy little hair-lick happening!

But the thing about this toy that won me over in the end, are the tiny little genitals hiding under those panties! And yes, I have issues :P

Quite a fun little toy & not expensive either! I'm glad I finally have one(with a little help form the owner of Veneno Toys!).
You can find more info about PITT on the PITT Vinyl Toy Facebook page, or check out Venenos Facebook page, or just go straight to Kichink & order one!