Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dead Plushy - Cyanide & Happiness

Explosm released their 'Dead Plushy' a couple of weeks ago, I ordered one the moment they were available. Mostly because I find C & H extremely amusing. One of these days I hope to acquire all their books as well.

This is my first C & H plushy, I will definitely acquire more in the future. This is a personal favourite however(though I would like to track down one of their naked plushies!). I'm thinking of displaying him separately from the rest of my plush collection, or perhaps keep him where he'd be appreciated the most.

Definitely seems like an appropriate shelf for a dead plushy, it seems like the company one would associate himself with. Many new furniture plans for the near future however(of course I'll share photos when I get my toys sorted), so who knows where things may end up.