Saturday, June 16, 2018

Moggie - Jink Wu x Unusual Creation Club

I haven't bought a lot this year(part of the reason this blog has been quiet lately), but I couldn't resist Moggie by Jink Wu x Unusual Creation Club!
I first become aware of Moggie when Remjie Malham(amazing artist, check out their stuff!) shared one on facebook they'd managed to score at BTS(Beijing Toy Show). About a week later The Toy Chronicle blogged about it, including how I could go about getting on a waiting list to buy one! I honestly thought I'd have to wait longer, but within a couple of days of sending an e-mail, I'd paid for my toy & it was on it's way!

This toy is adorable! Well, maybe that's subjective. I think it's hilarious, the juxtaposition of the cuteness with the distasteful nature of the subject matter! Honestly a simple, but effective toy concept! It was destined to end up on my shelves, I mean honestly, it's a cat(I think it's a cat anyway :P) sucking the blood out of a bird, it's quite a visual!

This little vinyl toy is about 4inches tall & has one point of articulation; it's head can move. I didn't fiddle with it too much, I believe the straw can be removed too. I had a hard time trying to capture the shade of green in my photos, it's not quite a neon green, but it's still quite bright. I'm a big fan of green, so this choice of colour for the first Moggie release worked for me! I also think it's little tail is a nice touch!

I love this little thing, it makes me wish I put more effort into dusting(hence the weird angle of the 'displayed' photo :P). My first toy of the year & it's the perfect combination of cute & macabre!

I'm unsure how limited Moggie is, but I don't think they've sold out yet! If you'd like to add one to your collection, e-mail or pop onto Unusual Creation Clubs Facebook page to enquire about one! Only $55USD! It's definitely worth every cent!

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Four Boob Bozwangler - Cupco

I have been meaning to buy this toy for years & finally I satisfied that need! Added bonus, this was delivered on a Saturday, no idea why(generally we don't get weekend post in Australia) but I'm not complaining, it was a wonderful surprise!
The Four Boob Bozwangler from Cupco is just insane & cracks me up. This toy definitely falls into the aesthetic I seek in my collection! I'll let the product description speak for itself on this one. It sums up this wacky toy much better then I ever could!

The Four Boob Bozwangler has it all! The best outerspace friend you will ever meet!
Here is the poem of the existence of the Bozwangler:


The Bozwangler is about 7 inches tall, vinyl & came with it's packaging flat-packed. I'm undecided on whether I'll display it in it's box or not.
There was also a bunch of extra goodies thrown into my package! A couple of patches & stickers, a mini print & a enamel pin! Just epic goodies & one very satisfied customer!

Cupco are based in Australia, so it was great to support a more local artist. This will probably be the last toy I purchase for myself this year(though I still have a back-log to blog about!), but I couldn't think of a better way to end my years collecting! I highly recommend everyone adds a Four Boob Bozwangler to their life!

You can find Cupco on facebook & instagram, or if you're looking to buy some of their crazy products, check out their store!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Box of Goodies! - Ben Seto

I just received a lovely box of bits & pieces from Ben Seto! Owner of Black Sheep Comics & creator of 'Skullbunnies'(amongst other critters!). I've been a fan of Bens work for years, but we've only recently been communicating & he offered to send me some goodies!
SO much CUTE! Seriously, this is some adorable stuff! The little drawing was a big surprised! The reason I first contacted Ben was because of a A Clockwork Orange painting they had done years ago(it was shared on facebook). I may not have been able to acquire the painting, but I got this little cutie instead!

The stickers are amazing, they feel nice to the touch(yes, I fondled them!). I must find somewhere to slap them. The badges are fantastic too(badly placed in my photo)! I always appreciate new badges to add to my collection, especially when they're this delightfully cute!

My favourite item from this bundle, has to be the mini Skullbunny resin. Don't get me wrong, huge fan of Star Wars & the Buntrooper figure is awesome(& it came with a extra head!), but the classic style Skullbunnies have always been very appealing to me & I'm so super happy to finally have one!
These resin Skullbunnies are tiny! Only 1.75inches tall! I only have a handful of smaller resin pieces & I couldn't be happier to add these little cuties to my shelves!

You can find Benjamin Seto on facebook & instagram, or if you're heading to DCon this weekend they'll be their selling their wares(Booth 100)!

This blog is the official bounce-back since a bout of writers-block. Hopefully I'll finish up some other posts to share sooner rather then later(I may opt for a giant 'catch-up' post).

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Small Wunders & GIVEAWAY - I Break Toys

I just received a lovely parcel of goodies from I Break Toys(Lisa Rae Hansen)! Most of the items aren't for me(I'll discuss that in a moment), but she was kind enough to send me a tiny little orange 'Small Wunder' resin toy & a Kyoot enamel pin!

I Break Toys recently ran a Kickstarter to try & get Kyoot produced as a vinyl toy. Tragically they didn't reach their goal, but I think it's a fantastic character & I hope they try again! In the meantime this pin is a welcome addition to my life!

The tiny Small Wunder critter is just adorable! It's about 1 inch tall. I only have one other resin toy that size & oddly enough Lisa Rae Hansen was the one who cast & painted it(Power5 'Burnt Out' by Alto)! So happy to add another tiny toy to my collection! It's too darn cute!

I had originally communicated with Lisa about her tiny Small Wunders figures early last year(they were available at TOYCONUK last year I believe) & had completely forgotten to follow-up about them.
For those who don't know, I run a group on facebook called 'Resin Toy Obsession'. My group is due to reach 1000 members within the next week or two! In preparation(& desperation) for that milestone, I wanted something really brilliant for a Giveaway. I Break Toys was the first to come to mind & so I finally got back to her about my long-gone inquiry about some toys. She gladly offered to contribute something for the group & boy did she deliver!

Rather then the tiny versions of her Small Wunders, she sent a complete set of her original full-size 'Small Wunders' series. Hopless The Sad Bunny, The Way Up, Kookie & Just Looking. A very fun set of toys, ranging from about 2inches to 2.5inches in height & each piece is limited to only 5! I couldn't be more excited about this contest & I'm so happy with this amazingly generous contribution to my group!

If you'd like to check out I Break Toys work, you can find them on instagram, facebook or you can check out their website!

If you're as excited about the giveaway as I am, my group is always open to new resin connoisseurs! You can find Resin Toy Obsession on facebook!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Combex Bear & Art Whore Patch

I always intend to acquire vintage toys & I never seem to actually follow-through on that intention! Thankfully I have friends who rectify my self-deprivation! Josh Griffith from Art Whore recently bought himself an armful of toys. A few comments later & he offered to send me one! I always appreciate a gift!

Thanks for the use of your photo Josh!

This adorable squeaky toy is from a company called Combex & was made in England. I'm unsure exactly what decade it's from(or it's exact name), I'd guess during the 50s-70s somewhere. It's about 10 inches tall & by far one of my more domineering toys!
One of the reasons I think I found this toy so appealing, is it's bib. One of the first toys I ever owned(& still own) wore a bib. Nostalgic appeal is behind many of the things I own.

Due to it's age I decided to put it on, what I call, my 'Knick Knack' shelf. Where I put all my vintage/antique items, or anything that simply has no other home. Now I need more vintage toys for it to loom over!

In addition to the lovely chunk of vintage vinyl, there was a patch swimming around in my package too! This patch is just ridiculously retro! I had actually intended to buy one the next time I was shopping in Art Whores shop. My crappy photo really doesn't emphasise the colours on this patch. I'm eager to get it stitched to my bag(if i can find the space)!

It's nice to have something a bit different, a bit random & a bit cute! I truly appreciate the gesture & I'm always happy to add something new to my collection! Hopefully, I'll have more vintage toys to share in the future & to accompany this bear on my shelves!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Plush Fiction - A Sammy 'Sado Friend' Plush Doll - Greenbag Toys

Last year, I reviewed 'Sammy the Sado' by Greenbag Toys & included an early teaser for the Sammy plush doll!The wait is over & they're finally here! I'm a huge fan of Sammy. This doll is pretty ridiculous, but much like it's resin counterpart, Sammy continues to appeal to me!

Sammy is a delivery of fantasies, his job is answering the calls of the avid customers searching for new and exciting experiences. Sammy does not speak, he only listens, smiles and execute. For him there's not an impossible, sufficiently risky or weird fantasy, in the Sammy's world, everything is possible, you just have to call and wait until he knocks on your door.

The Plush Fiction doll comes packaged with a print(from the photo-shoot done for the release of the toy!) & two tank tops! It's always fun to get a toy that can actually be played with. Sammy even has velcro on his hands(though mine seems to be a bit fat to hold his hands together!).

Sammy was sewn by Rophy Creationes. They did an amazing job! The Sammy plush is about 11 inches tall & was limited to just 20! For only $60US(with free shipping worldwide!), this rare plush doll is well worth the price!

Sammy's custom tank tops are adorable! "I 'Heart' Muff" & "Suck It" are the perfect statements to adorn Sammy with! Though personally, I'm quite fond of his curly chest-hair!

Greenbag Toys also threw in the most awesome poster! They recently collaborated with Handsome Studio for the Art Toy Culture shore in Korea. As a result, we have this most amazing image of a Cute Snout(TTL) being straddled by Sammy! Extra bonus, the print is A3, so shouldn't prove difficult to frame(thank goodness!).

The trouble with plush toys, is displaying them. Sammy is HUGE! I've decided I'm going to create a custom display(which will hopefully fit ALL my Sammys). This requires a trip to IKEA. I will, maybe, do another blog post once I have it all prettified!

Next in the works for Greenbag Toys, is Brother Sacrum! I'm unsure when he's due for release, but I'm incredibly eager! Sammy is Greenbag Toys vision of sex & sexual desire. Brother Sacrum, in contrast, reveals Greenbag Toys views on organised religion.

Sammy will always be my favourite, but I'm excited to add Brother Sacrum to my collection in the future! I also cannot wait to see what else Greenbag Toys creates for us in the future!

As I write this, there are still a handful of Plush Fiction dolls available! If you'd like to buy one, or just check out Greenbag Toys other work, you can find him on instagram, facebook

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cheestroyer "Bikkuriman" Pin & Flesh Cheestroyer Vinyl - Bad Teeth Comics

Ordered myself a epic pin last week! This has officially out-done all previous pins, this thing is huge!!! Cheestroyer "Bikkuriman" gold-plated hard enamel pin. Artwork by Bad Teeth & Cojica Toy. This pin is 1.75 inches(about 4.5cm) across. It's so big it has two butterfly clasps on the back! I mean, I knew it was big, but having it in my hands is another matter altogether!

Glenn Manders from Bad Teeth Comics was also kind enough to throw in a flesh mini Cheestroyer vinyl(sculpted by Double Haunt, produced by Unbox Industries)! Not a big fan of 'flesh' as a colour, but I'm a big fan of the Cheestroyer sculpt & maybe I'll find someone to paint it one day. Or maybe my blank vinyl collection will grow into a monster & I'll have this one flesh weirdo standing in the middle!

(Please ignore the excessive flash in this photo!)

I shoved the pin on my bag, took a bit of effort(had to move a few other pins/badges around), but I made it fit! I really wish one of my photos had captured the epic shininess of this pin, but alas, my photography skills continue to suck.

Also JUST managed to cram the flesh Cheestroyer onto my arrow shelf. I'm going to need to do some serious reorganisation soon! Quite a lovely addition to my Cheestroyer collection however!

These pins are limited to 100 & I highly recommend you snag one before they're gone(there was less then 30 left when I ordered mine). Bad Teeth has pin/vinyl lots listed in their store as well. For anyone seeking a flesh Cheestroyer(or a blue one!).

You can go buy something on Bad Teeth Comics Big Cartel store, or stop by their instagram or facebook.