Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cheestroyer "Bikkuriman" Pin & Flesh Cheestroyer Vinyl - Bad Teeth Comics

Ordered myself a epic pin last week! This has officially out-done all previous pins, this thing is huge!!! Cheestroyer "Bikkuriman" gold-plated hard enamel pin. Artwork by Bad Teeth & Cojica Toy. This pin is 1.75 inches(about 4.5cm) across. It's so big it has two butterfly clasps on the back! I mean, I knew it was big, but having it in my hands is another matter altogether!

Glenn Manders from Bad Teeth Comics was also kind enough to throw in a flesh mini Cheestroyer vinyl(sculpted by Double Haunt, produced by Unbox Industries)! Not a big fan of 'flesh' as a colour, but I'm a big fan of the Cheestroyer sculpt & maybe I'll find someone to paint it one day. Or maybe my blank vinyl collection will grow into a monster & I'll have this one flesh weirdo standing in the middle!

(Please ignore the excessive flash in this photo!)

I shoved the pin on my bag, took a bit of effort(had to move a few other pins/badges around), but I made it fit! I really wish one of my photos had captured the epic shininess of this pin, but alas, my photography skills continue to suck.

Also JUST managed to cram the flesh Cheestroyer onto my arrow shelf. I'm going to need to do some serious reorganisation soon! Quite a lovely addition to my Cheestroyer collection however!

These pins are limited to 100 & I highly recommend you snag one before they're gone(there was less then 30 left when I ordered mine). Bad Teeth has pin/vinyl lots listed in their store as well. For anyone seeking a flesh Cheestroyer(or a blue one!).

You can go buy something on Bad Teeth Comics Big Cartel store, or stop by their instagram or facebook.

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