Wednesday, June 12, 2013

False Idols

I decided to finally begin this blog today, mostly due to a package I received this morning. For years I've been a fan of Kevin Smiths work & have sought to own some of the memorabilia he's had produced. I had a little spare cash recently, so took the opportunity to order two items I wanted badly.

One plus side to waiting so long to make this purchase, they've introduced female shirts, so I finally ordered myself a 'Got Christ?' tank top. For any fellow fans out there, you'll remember Jason Mewes in this tank top in Clerks II. Absolutely hilarious film, I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment of the series.

To complete my order, I finally got my a Mooby the Golden Calf plushie! Absolutely adorable & will be a great addition to my plushy collection!

I was sent a few little extras in my package as well, always a nice surprise. I particularly love the Ben Affleck badge. Such an amusing little item.

Of course, there is still one item I want(well, one item I REALLY want anyway), the Buddy Christ Bobblehead. Though I already own the Buddy Christ Dasboard Statue, which will tide me over for the time being.

A lovely way to begin my week. Hopefully I'll have another few deliveries worth blogging about soon. In the meantime, I've got many post planned about items I hope to order in the future. So except many more posts in the near future!

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