Friday, July 26, 2013

Pop! Vinyls - A New Obession

I've always been a fan of Funkos work(who isn't?). They've really started expanding with their Pop! Vinyl toys recently, resulting in quite a few I cannot live without. So, in my classic style, I hopped onto rotocasted & trampt to see what others were out there that I might need to acquire. I think at last count, my list was at 22. So I went shopping in Brisbane city recently & got my Pop! Vinyl collection started.

As you can see it was a successful shopping trip in many ways. New shoes, another Tank Girl graphic novel for my comic collection, new keyboard etc. Only two Pop! Vinyls, but it's a start(& to be honest I don't really have the space for more right now. I need new furniture). I considered buying Leatherface as well, but the only ones I found had damaged boxes(so typical). What I had really wanted, was Ace Ventura. I learned that Daily Planet had a couple in stock, but they were gone by the time I made it there, so I purchased Hannibal instead(got my Mars Attacks Alien from Mr. Toys Toyworld). Incredibly disappointing, but hopefully I'll acquire Ace on my next trip into the city.

Though honestly, one can't complain about Hannibal Lecter & Mars Attacks, a beautiful way to start what should be, a pretty decent little collection. Of course, I came home & learned there's at least 3 other variations of the Mars Attacks Alien, so I'll be seeking those down at some point as well. Collecting, it's a never ending hunt.

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