Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1:6 scale latex 'Seventy Five' Kirk Mask - Creations Unearthed

I'm useless & meant to blog about this more then a week ago, but hey, I'm here now!
Recently Creations Unearthed held a awesome contest to win a 1:6 scale latex 'Seventy Five' Kirk mask. A 1:6 version of the 1975 Captain Kirk latex mask, which was the mask used(painted white) in Halloween(1978) & Halloween II(1981). I just happened to be the lucky winner!!! This little mask it just disturbing & I love it & I'm so damn happy I won!

I'm working on a nice little display for my new mini mask, though so far all I've ordered is a small acrylic box for it. But i have other plans & it should look epic eventually! For now I have to tragically leave it boxed until I've sorted out my display issues. Endless problem around here, but in this case as the item is latex, I absolutely INSIST on an in-closed display before I allow this mask to see the light of day(beyond a few quick photos that is :P)!

I love Creations Unearthed. Their figurines are some of the most detailed I've seen in my life! A major focus on horror films(which honestly, what's not to love about that?) & the quality is just overwhelming. You can find Creations Unearthed on Facebook or on their website. However the 1:6 Kirk mask was ONLY available through the giveaway, so you're out of luck on this creepy item! :P

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