Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rosco - Fantastisch

Today I bring you Rosco by Fantastisch. An adorable low-poly 'bear with bow-tie' design! Fantastisch is Bela Álvarez & Oscar Juárez(I believe Bela designed Rosco), lovely people & they helped me with my purchase!

I love low-poly designs. They're a brilliant way to capture an idea, with minimal distraction by excessive detail. Why be excessive, when simplicity can be so effective? I had to have a Rosco!

The packaging was simple, but quite lovely! A little paper bag & Rosco cardboard cut-outs! The postcards were nice extras too!

I was persuaded to order when I did, as the black Rosco was running low on stock(now out of stock) & well, I really wanted Rosco in black! However, both Rosco & his bow-tie are available in six different colours! I picked the yellow bow-tie. I'm eager to buy a yellow Rosco with black bow-tie as well. A matching pair would be adorable!

I think Fantastisch have some amazing design ideas & Rosco is proof of that, I'm excited to see what else they bring to the toy world in the future! You can find them & follow their work on facebook & Instagram.

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