Saturday, September 3, 2016

Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2

The second annual Soft Vinyl Mayhem exhibit is on! Presented by Bad Teeth Comics, Derrr Toys & Laced. The exhibit is running for a week this year. Over 35 artists have contributed to the show & the selection is simply amazing!

I popped in on Friday for the preview show, to check prices & snag a few pictures. It was great to have the opportunity to see this selection of toys in person. There were a few artists I'd never heard of this year & I love having the chance to expand my art-toy knowledge!

These photos only cover a small selection that the show had to offer!

One of the highlights of the show were the pieces NagNagNag sent over. They were only available through a lottery at the preview show & tragically beyond my price range. I'm super jealous of the winners!

I went back in today to join the epic line-up of eager toy enthusiasts waiting to buy some goodies(wish I'd snag a photo of that!). I managed to snatch up a Saihatari by Amapro & a blank orange Cadaver Kid by Splurrt.
Not my biggest spending spree, but I'm VERY happy with the pieces I walked away with!

I neglected to post about the first Soft Vinyl Mayhem show last year(in fact, I neglected to blog all year). So for your viewing pleasure, here are all my Soft Vinyl Mayhem acquisitions in one picture!

So if you're local, make sure to head into the Brisbane city while the exhibit is still on! Now I eagerly await for next years SVM exhibit!

You can find more info(or jsut keep updated) about Soft Vinyl Mayhem on the website & Instagram

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