Saturday, December 31, 2016

Space Dog - Han Ning

My last toys of 2016! Space Dog by Han Ning. Back in February Han Ning released his "Space Boy", which came with a little companion 'Space Dog'. Due to overwhelming popularity, Han Ning started working on a set of Space Dog designs! These were originally announced back in July, but due to demand, they've been factory produced & they took a few months to make.

These are limited to 300 sets & are some seriously adorable toys! Da wang(yellow), Qiu qiu(blue) & Xiao tian(pink), I had to have all three! They were also impressively packaged(a box, within a box, with padded envelopes for each toy), just how I like my resin! And yes, even their helmets are resin!

I'm so grateful Han Ning took the time to e-mail me once these were available. The colours & the overall cuteness of these makes me super happy! The perfect set of toys to end a pretty crappy year!

Everyone needs a set of these in their life! They are still available & you can pick up your own set of these cuties, they're $25USD each: Taobao

I've been told there will be another Space Dog released later in 2017 too! Can't wait to see what else Han Ning comes up with!

You can find Han Ning on instagram tumblr or check out their blog

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