Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pugzilla - Thirsty

My first toy of the year. Pugzilla! King of the monsters!
I became aware of these when Obsessed Panda shared a pic on facebook of a box of blanks he'd received to customise. I instantly coveted this toy! I've been stalking the Thirsty facebook page ever since. Being the obsessive type I am, I've also commented on every photo I've seen of Pugzilla, as a result I got a PM from the creator & a week later I have myself some epic vinyl goodness! I'm so happy I managed to score one!

My first vinyl of the year & a great piece! It's about 3.75inches tall & I think it was the last one in this colourway. This is a really crazy little critter! It's only downfall is that it's a little unstable on it's feet. Hardly a rare problem with toys, particularly smaller designs.

I really love the details on this sculpt. The little stitches around the grotesque & excessive wounds. The clawed paws & the aggressive facial expression. This is one angry little pooch!
I had the choice between a few different versions(& too be honest, I fully intend to acquire more in the future!), but the red details in the paintwork on this one really gripped me.

I think this crazy little pug is a really fun little toy, couldn't recommend it more!

Thirsty is always sending out blanks for customisation & working on new pieces themselves. You can find them on facebook & Instagram if you want to see more of their work, or maybe buy one for yourself!

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