Thursday, November 9, 2017

Box of Goodies! - Ben Seto

I just received a lovely box of bits & pieces from Ben Seto! Owner of Black Sheep Comics & creator of 'Skullbunnies'(amongst other critters!). I've been a fan of Bens work for years, but we've only recently been communicating & he offered to send me some goodies!
SO much CUTE! Seriously, this is some adorable stuff! The little drawing was a big surprised! The reason I first contacted Ben was because of a A Clockwork Orange painting they had done years ago(it was shared on facebook). I may not have been able to acquire the painting, but I got this little cutie instead!

The stickers are amazing, they feel nice to the touch(yes, I fondled them!). I must find somewhere to slap them. The badges are fantastic too(badly placed in my photo)! I always appreciate new badges to add to my collection, especially when they're this delightfully cute!

My favourite item from this bundle, has to be the mini Skullbunny resin. Don't get me wrong, huge fan of Star Wars & the Buntrooper figure is awesome(& it came with a extra head!), but the classic style Skullbunnies have always been very appealing to me & I'm so super happy to finally have one!
These resin Skullbunnies are tiny! Only 1.75inches tall! I only have a handful of smaller resin pieces & I couldn't be happier to add these little cuties to my shelves!

You can find Benjamin Seto on facebook & instagram, or if you're heading to DCon this weekend they'll be their selling their wares(Booth 100)!

This blog is the official bounce-back since a bout of writers-block. Hopefully I'll finish up some other posts to share sooner rather then later(I may opt for a giant 'catch-up' post).

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