Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Small Wunders & GIVEAWAY - I Break Toys

I just received a lovely parcel of goodies from I Break Toys(Lisa Rae Hansen)! Most of the items aren't for me(I'll discuss that in a moment), but she was kind enough to send me a tiny little orange 'Small Wunder' resin toy & a Kyoot enamel pin!

I Break Toys recently ran a Kickstarter to try & get Kyoot produced as a vinyl toy. Tragically they didn't reach their goal, but I think it's a fantastic character & I hope they try again! In the meantime this pin is a welcome addition to my life!

The tiny Small Wunder critter is just adorable! It's about 1 inch tall. I only have one other resin toy that size & oddly enough Lisa Rae Hansen was the one who cast & painted it(Power5 'Burnt Out' by Alto)! So happy to add another tiny toy to my collection! It's too darn cute!

I had originally communicated with Lisa about her tiny Small Wunders figures early last year(they were available at TOYCONUK last year I believe) & had completely forgotten to follow-up about them.
For those who don't know, I run a group on facebook called 'Resin Toy Obsession'. My group is due to reach 1000 members within the next week or two! In preparation(& desperation) for that milestone, I wanted something really brilliant for a Giveaway. I Break Toys was the first to come to mind & so I finally got back to her about my long-gone inquiry about some toys. She gladly offered to contribute something for the group & boy did she deliver!

Rather then the tiny versions of her Small Wunders, she sent a complete set of her original full-size 'Small Wunders' series. Hopless The Sad Bunny, The Way Up, Kookie & Just Looking. A very fun set of toys, ranging from about 2inches to 2.5inches in height & each piece is limited to only 5! I couldn't be more excited about this contest & I'm so happy with this amazingly generous contribution to my group!

If you'd like to check out I Break Toys work, you can find them on instagram, facebook or you can check out their website!

If you're as excited about the giveaway as I am, my group is always open to new resin connoisseurs! You can find Resin Toy Obsession on facebook!

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