Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tooth Decay - Creo Design

It's ridiculous how much I want this toy. Creo Designs first 100% Designed and Produced Art figure. Only two days until pre-orders start & I have about $4 on my paypal.
I'm pretty sure this is a toy I'll be missing out on.
What's even more ridiculous, if I'd known just two days earlier about the pre-order date, I'd have had the money. But no, I spent it on other toys(lots of upcoming blogs) & will miss a piece I wanted badly. Just the way things are in my life at the moment, this is not the only toy I really wanted that I've lost the opportunity to own recently(or never had the opportunity to own in the first place).

One never knows though, perhaps I'll be lucky & this won't sell out in the first 60seconds(though I expect it will) & if i sell some of my possessions on eBay, one of these, might just be mine.

My favourite part of this toy, is that it's customisable. There's an insane number of colours to choose from. This toy was also completely created & produced by Chris Alexander of Creo Designs, which gives me hope for the future & my own art endevours.

It truly is a marvelous creation & due to my issues with the dental industry, it greatly appeals to me. Only time will tell if I'll actually own one or not. The woes of collecting, it's nothing new.
Additional thought, I've bought around 15 toys or so in the last couple of weeks, so expect many upcoming posts about new acquisitions.

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