Friday, November 22, 2013

Little Prick - Cactus Green - Brian Flynn

I recently joined the skullbrain forums. Amazing group of people! Within the first week I had someone offer to send me some postcards(one of which was for my A Clockwork Orange collection) & then I found someone selling one of the toys I needed! I really love buying from fellow-collectors, they're much more interested in helping someone with their collection, then flipping the toy for money. It's a nice change from some of the places I shop. Back to the point, I found myself my first 'Little Prick'!

I'm a huge fan of Brian Flynns 'Little Prick' platform, I plan to hunt down all the green varieties eventually. Their little underpants are adorable! I have a thing for toys in thighty-whiteys & yes, I'm a weirdo.

The first of what will hopefully be many purchases through skullbrain. Really a fantastic toy, I honestly cannot wait to own more.
Personal note, I'm currently on a toy-shopping break. I'm saving for some large purchases & christmas of course is taking priority at this time of year. My 'new toy' posts will be rarer, but I'm hoping to do a few 'new release' blog entries over the next month or so. I'll also be doing some work on my A Clockwork Orange Collector blog, which any/all Stuff & Things readers are welcome to stalk.

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