Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yaghan People - GEEK! - Medicom Toy Exclusive

When it comes to the Japanese toys I acquire, it's usually an instant 'I NEED to own this!' moment. Yaghan People by GEEK! was definitely one of those times.
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but one of my numerous interests, is history/culture/humanity. The Yaghan People toys(there's two more being released from my understanding) were inspired by a South American group of people called 'Yaghan People'(also possibly, based on my readings, that they've mistaken Selknam People for Yaghan People). They truly are a fascinating culture, perfect inspiration for a toy. So anyway, to acquire this toy I had to sign up for a lottery through Medicom. I have never signed up for a toy lottery before, so I was incredibly pleased when I got my e-mail stating my name had been pulled.

For it's price(about $110US) it's a huge size, about 12inches. They are also hand-painted. Being an art lover, I can definitely appreciate that aspect. The header card is awesome, printed with the original photo that inspired the toy.

There was also a small photo-sized print of the 'inspiration' image included with the toy. Really a wonderful little addition & quite unexpected.
This is a toy that will look epic amongst my randomness(as the following photo expresses!). Can't wait to get my new desk & give it a semi-permanent display spot. Definitely one of my favourite toys of the year. So happy I had the opportunity to buy one.

Now, just a pre-warning. I have a handful of toys I'm waiting on & I'll be buying one or two more this week. However, due to christmas & a rather large purchase I'm saving for(I may have mentioned it in my previous post?), I'll be spending what little cash I have in the next few weeks on gift shopping & saving what I can for my 'large purchase'. I will of course occasionally blog about new items I'm coveting, but new toy arrivals may be a little slow in the next couple of months.

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