Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vinyl Cavey - Glossy Red Edition - A Little Stranger

Huge apologies that it's been so long since my last blog entry. Really bad week, it's taken me a few days to get my flow back, but it's the weekend, so time to share some toy goodness! I recently ordered myself a Red Cavey, one of A Little Strangers adorable little toys. This particular colour is exclusive to Collect & Display. It's so adorable I might die. They're still available, but limited to only 50, to get in quick!

I'm really craving the black & white versions now. Can't wait to have a little group of these guys. I especially love how super-shiny the red version is. Beautifully made toy & it's little fabric tag, as all A Little Stranger toys have, is as cute as ever!
I have a couple of other toys to share, but for today, I might leave it here. Go grab yourself a red Cavey while they last, totally worth it!

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