Saturday, November 23, 2013

GID Sugar Skull Tooth Decay‏ - Creo Design - Clutter Magazine 'Gift Wrapped' Exhibition

A wonderful new creation from Creo Design. A custom Glow in the dark Tooth Decay, made exclusively for Clutter Magazine's 'Gift Wrapped' exhibition. A incredibly detailed piece of art, hand carved and painted to resemble a yellow plaque stained Tooth.

It looks incredible when it's glowing! I'm generally not a big fan of GID toys, or sugar skull items, but this is an exception. It looks amazing.

Head down to the Clutter Gallery between 14th December - 6th January 2014, to grab yourself this one of a kind Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull Tooth Decay. It will be on sale for $250. Tragically, beyond my reach & my price range right now. I hope this unique piece of art finds itself a good home.

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