Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tofufu Studio - Mini Prints

Recently, I stumbled across Tofufu's store on etsy, 'Tofufu Studio' & was simply compelled to buy a few of their mini prints! They're adorable, limited to 500 & extremely reasonably priced. I settled on three designs.

Of course, the wonderful people at Tofufu threw in an extra little print for me, a fantastic little treat. I cannot wait to put these up, I plan to display them with a bunch of my toys. I need to acquire some appropriate hanging paraphernalia first however. For now, they'll be stashed away with my collection of un-hung artwork. Definitely something I hope to rectify soon.

I;m a huge fan of Tofufu, particularly their artwork. They offer a selection of some of the cutest little pieces of art available anywhere, I'm incredibly proud to me a new owner of some of their work! They of course also supply an epic selection of toys, which is always a plus for me & my fellow collectors!

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