Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cheestroyer Cheeseburger - Double Haunt - Kickstarter

I just want to bring attention to a brilliant kickstarter that's running at the moment. Double Haunt creates fantastic little critters(he also happens to be from Brisbane & I like to support my local toy creators!) & right now he's collaborating with Bad Teeth Comics to try & produce the comic character 'Cheestroyer' into a vinyl toy.

Crazy Kaiju Cheeseburger Vinyl Toy from Australia's Bad Teeth Comics & Double Haunt
--- The Mini Cheestroyer!!

Imagine relaxing on the beach and suddenly seeing a huge creature emerging from the ocean.. Could it be Godzilla?? As it bursts through the surface you recognize a familiar image - a sesame seed bun!! The "Mini Cheestroyer" has arrived and here's your chance to bring him to life in the form of a wonderful Glow in the Dark soft vinyl toy measuring 4.5 inches tall with articulated head and waist joints!

The rewards for pledging are brilliant, pocket-burger monsters, different versions of the vinyl Cheestroyer(glow, clear & numerous others), original art etc. All very reasonable prices too. I say jump on it while you have the opportunity, certain items are available through pledging only. Score yourself some fun rare items!
It is one insane looking kaiju-esque toy. I wanted to pledge, but tragically I'm incapable of doing so at the moment(No debit or credit card. Something I seriously intend to rectify in the near future, so I can support toy kickstarters). I would hate to see their goal fail however, I'm always inspired when I see the effort people put in to create their toys. It's something worth supporting in my opinion.

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