Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Le Fucker - LeFucker Tag [Matt Black]

Thanks to Jeffrey Koh(Le Fucker), I'm now the proud owner of a Matt Black LeFucker Tag. Limited to only 5, I feel incredibly privileged to own one. I recommend popping over to the LeFucker store if you want to own one, I'm personally surprised they haven't sold out yet. Don't miss your chance to own these 8inches of self-satisfying resin!

Get a tag of the unlegendary LeFucker. Cast in resin by the awesome people from Pretty in Plastic, this is hardy enough to be used as a weapon of minimal destruction or just as a decorative piece on your table to serve as a warning to nincompoops. Or perhaps as a gift to your beloved boss.
Time to screw the world.

I always love being introduced to another company that produce toys. Pretty In Plastic make some incredible items, the series of LeFucker Tags is a beautiful example in my opinion. Personally, I think it's even more stunning in real life & it also makes a nice shelf-partner for my Tooth Decay.

Hopefully I'll own another one or two of these in the future. A yellow version has already been released as a follow-up to the Matt Black, but I'm holding out for the gloss black version! So happy with this first version however, glad to have it on my shelves. A lovely little statement piece.

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