Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ron English x Pearl Jam - Falla Sheep - Monochrome

So, thanks to JazzyDan( I have myself another awesome toy. My very first Ron English toy(how sad is that?), one of his new Falla Sheep. I'm only seeking 3 of the colour variations of this toy, thanks to JazzyDan, I'm one down on my list. The toy is surprisingly awesome. A little bigger then I'd envisioned, articulated arms & his awesome little anti-NRA rifle accessory was a completely necessary addition to the toy design.

I'm really in love with this toy design. A wolf in sheep's clothing, the concept greatly amuses me. Seriously so much detail on these toys though, makes me wish I was a better photographer(also, ignore the randomness of the pic, been moving stuff around).

Such a great new addition to my collection, so happy with it! Can't wait to seek out the Brown & Black versions in the future!
As always, I apologise for neglecting my blog lately. I spent my week cleaning & decorating in preparation for Christmas. It was time consuming & exhausting.

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