Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Holidays

To begin with, huge apology's as always, for my lack of posts lately. Christmas time is exhausting for me(the heat here isn't helping) & I'm only just finally feeling like myself again.
Anyway, I thought the easiest solution to this big gap of updates, is a giant post about everything new! So, lets get started.

An appropriate place to start, my new Brad McGinty shirt. Periodcally I go back & buy more from him. Last year he released his Kaiju Santa design on cards(I bought 5) this year he released it on a t-shirt, limited edition. I HAD to preorder one! BY far the greatest x-mas shirt I've ever owned. I wore it 4 times over the holiday season. A few little extras were tossed into my package too, always makes me happy!

I bought myself a couple of little items for Christmas. Didn't have much money to spare, but these purchases were spontaneous & are greatly loved. One awesome My Little Unicorn from Rampage Toys to hang on my bag & another 'Be My Slave' toy by Superdeux for my VERY slowly growing collection.

Superdeux - Stereotype - Be My Slave - Nami

Rampage Toys - Micro Bobble - My Little Unicorn

Of course, in addition to all the items I bought for myself, I acquired some epic gifts this year. I'm a hugely materialistic person, gifts are what Christmas is all about for me(both giving & receiving), this year, was a good one.
I had a few friends send me gifts this year, along with my familys Secret Santa & my own annual x-mas gathering, overall I acquire a nice little hoard.

Gift from my friend Debbie

Gift from my friend Sue

Gift from my sister

My Secret Santa gift

That's not quite everything(there's more dvds, kitchen items etc.), tragically the batteries in my camera died while I attempted to take more photos. I think those 4 photos sum-up the awesomeness of my gifts this year however!
The red arrow shelf is probably my favourite gift of the year, I had wanted it badly. Once I get it hung, I'll be covering it in toys. I promise to snap some photos.
I have a couple of others toys on their way(money to spend online, a gift from my roommate) but I'll post about them when they arrive. Expect many more blog posts this week however, as I'd created a bit of a back-log for myself over the holidays season.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas & Happy New Year!

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