Monday, January 6, 2014

Tenacious Toys - Prize!

A package of toys arrived last week, which I had completely forgotten about. Tenacious Toys had a 'We've reached 17000 followers on Facebook' contest, which I somehow miraculously won. $62 worth of toy goodness & a nice little selection as well. Incredibly happy I won!

Generally, winning things, is not something that happens to me very often, but I've been having a good run lately. In this case, I'm just incredibly glad I did. The prize pack included:

- Tenacious Toys Exclusive OMFG Series 2 White set
- VISEone Zombie Goo NYCC Exclusive Biohazard edition
- Tenacious Toys Exclusive BUNNYWITH Affinity for Slave Women Blue by Alex Pardee

Always been a fan of Alex Pardees work & who dosne't love a Star Wars parody? I'd never thought much of the OMFG! toys, but they're really kind of amazing in person. I may one day seek out a black set to join the white. My favourite from the lot is the Zombie Goo. I love VISEones work, can't wait to own more now I finally have one in my possession.

Basically I'm shocked I won & I'm insanely happy with the prize! Tenacious Toys will definitely be a common destination of mine for future toy purchases. Really nice people, great selection of toys & a great website(so easy to navigate!). I'm glad to be one of their 17000 fans!

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