Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mickey Monster - Vincent Scala

Back in November, the Mickey Monster kickstarter was making the rounds on social media. I loved Vincent Scalas design, but as I have no credit/debit card I was unable to pledge. Instead I took the time to share it obsessively, in the hope that when it reached its goal & got produced, I could buy one. That opportunity recently became a reality & now I have this epic mickey-parody freak for my shelves!

Admittedly the quality of this toy is a little lacking. Mine came loose from it's inner blister during shipping & was floating around in it's packaging. Honestly though, for $40 USD, this thing is amazing! 7 inches tall & 3 points of articulation(which really helps with it's balance... which is a little questionable!). I actually love that the vinyl seams are weirdly placed(bottom of the head, at the top of one leg) & the paintwork isn't as perfect as it could be. It all makes the toy quite unique & a little silly!

Vincent Scala threw in a few goodies for me. All very awesome, but the pin is probably my favourite. It's found a new home on my bag & it's officially the largest pin I own! These stickers are pretty sick though. Makes me feel the need to come up with a solution for my ever-growing collection of stickers!

The concept for this toy is creepy & playful. There are three version of Mickey Monster. The solid black & pink versions are limited to 50 & are $100 USD a piece. If i could afford it I'd totally snag the other two versions!

I absolutely love this toy! So happy to finally have one in my hands & it was totally worth the wait! I'm excited to see what else Vincent Scala will make in the future!

You can check out his work(or buy your own Mickey Monster!) on his website & instagram

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