Monday, May 29, 2017

Kappa - Stegoforest - Jesse Narens

More vinyl! Yay! This weird little cutie is called 'Kappa' by Jesse Narens. Part of his 'Stegoforest' series. This sculpt was first teased about 3 years ago(or at least that's when I first became aware of it), originally named 'Mossy Kappa'. I instantly wanted it! Luckily I saw a blog post from SpankyStokes a couple of weeks ago about the first release & I managed to snag the very last one! There was 4 or 5 different colours for the first release(I think), I got a red one!

Yokai demons are pretty common to see in the toy realm & Kappas are a pretty popular choice. Generally I find it all a bit redundant, but this little guy is the exception to my rule apparently. I couldn't look past it's cute little feet & tail, it's hooked beak & the general creepy cuteness of it.

These were produced by Science Patrol, the same milky red vinyl used for my Mastodon Tank I think. About 3.75inches long & 1.75inches tall. It's articulated at the neck & very well balanced thanks to it's four feet.

I'm so glad I learned about this released before they sold out. Though I'm sure there will be more Kappas in the future, I'm particularly fond of red. Jesse Narens 'stegoforest' creatures are wonderful & I'm excited to see what other strange things he creates in the future.

You can find Jesse Narens 'Stegoforest' on facebook & instagram

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