Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Customs - Bash Projects(Bas Petter)

This is probably the largest order of toys so far in my collecting history! It might seem insane to some, but this purchase took... some time. Almost 4 years in fact. It was totally worth the wait(the blame for the long time period can probably be put on both parties equally :P)!

It all began with a contest. Bash Projects(Bas Petter) had just completed a set of mini 'Lunartik in a Cup of Tea' customs that he called 'The Barrels of Tea'.

Six brave animals who aren't afraid of a little adventure. They traded their Cups of Tea for these wooden barrels and jumped in the river. They are gonna go down the Niagara Falls!

Bas decided to give away of couple of these cuties. He held a contest that required giving an idea for a larger Cup of Tea custom. I was one of two winners. The elephant 'Barrel of Tea' was my cute little prize! I also managed to snag the last 'Barrel of Tea'(the pig) that was available.

My idea for my contest entry was a 'Cute Little Rat'. As Bash started sharing photos of his progress on the custom, it became clear to me that I'd need to buy that rat once it was complete.

Honestly this rat is adorable! Bas obviously took my suggestion of 'cute' literally. It's wearing cheese on it's head & look at it's tiny little bear minion! It's just insanely adorable!

The other winning idea was a 'Head Hunter'. I decided to snag that too! It's a pretty mental custom.

I really love the bone through it's nose, beautifully executed in my opinion. I also love the colours(which my photos really don't do justice to) & the fact it's cooking itself!

When I saw this monstrous custom 8' Dunny zombie, I thought to myself 'Fuck it, why not add one more to your order!'(of course, being me, I DIDN'T stop there & you can read about the absolutely LAST additions to my order on my A Clockwork Orange Collector blog). I really love the details on this one. The little severed arm, the dismembered limbs, the exposed brain. It's just all happening with this freak!

You may notice in the pics, there's an axe that needs to be re-attached to the back, I'll get around to that the next time I feel I'm having a 'steady-hands' day(it was removed to ensure safe travel on it's way to me)!

Bas also threw in his epic take on King Kong that he strung together for ToyConUK back in 2014. Honestly a pretty mind-blowing custom 7' Munny. I'm quite happy to add it to my collection!

These toys are brilliant! I'm glad I'm able to lay claim to such a huge selection of customs from Bash Projects.
I'm unsure if Bas is still making customs, but you can find him on facebook & inquire if you love his work!

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