Thursday, May 25, 2017

FuKu Bear ( Blank Pink ) & ( Blank Yellow ) - Don't Cry In The Morning

How cute are these? Don't Cry In The Morning recently dived into the realm of vinyl & the moment I saw the FuKu bear, I basically stalked their social media until an online release happened! DCITM are an avid user of bright colours & these bears are no exception! As you can see, I couldn't decide which colour I liked best, so I bought both!

I think these bears are totally weird! Bulgy eyes & fortune cookie heads? Who comes up with that? The combination of cute & weird is greatly appealing to me!

The Fuku Bears were one of two toys that were part of DCITM first vinyl release. The 'Kaiju YaKu' was also available in two colours(they have both sold out already). Honestly, I was quite tempted by the kaiju as well, but my money supply was limited & the FuKu Bears were my priority!

I really love these toys! They bring a bit of colour my shelves, which is always nice! They're about 4.5 inches(12cm) tall, surprisingly well balance(I had them standing on my coffee table, which I then walked into & they stayed standing!). They also have cute little tails & I love that their hands are smooth, almost like they're gloved! Honestly a very well thought out toy! They are also only HK$220(about $30 USD) each, which is a bargain!

Both the pink & yellow blank FuKu Bears are limited to 50 each. There's still some available, so grab them while you can! I'm excited to see what other colours are produced in the future! Though really, I just think I'm excited to have more sofubi in my life! On a roll this year!

You can find Don't Cry In The Morning on facebook & instagram, or pop over to their site & buy yourself one of their first FuKu Bear releases!

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