Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Micro 'My Little Unicron' & Cupcake Plane Kit - Rampage Toys

Received another order from Rampage Toys today. Always an exciting way to wake-up. Ordered myself one of their Micro 'My Little Unicorn' toys in yellow vinyl. It's adorable, I hope to buy more of them when more colours are released in the future. I also managed to pick up one of the last Cupcake Plane model kits. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna leave it unpainted, mostly because my 'small detail' painting skills are quite lacking & I wouldn't want to destroy something so awesome. It has a basic nail to use for it's stand. That aspect amuses me greatly, one simply can't go wrong with something so tiny & ridiculous. Rampage Toys Cupcake Planes are also pretty awesome due to the fact they're made up of three pieces. Magnets keep the cupcake & plane blades in place. So cute & simple, I'm actually considering buying a few other colours just for the novelty aspect.

Rampage Toys have also released their Halloween selection:

- Splatterhouse GID Kyuuketsushi
- 'Tricks and Treats' Bobby and Harry set
- X-Ray Kowaillas(5 varieties)
- Orange/Black marbled vinyl Ugly Unicorns

Absolutely fantastic group of toys. I'm seriously considering buying one or two of the 'X-Ray Kowaillas' & generally, I'm not a big fan of that sculpt. Yet here I sit, contemplating an exception. I'm a huge fan of skeleton toys & orange/black, so Halloween is a great time for me & toys, assuming I have the money to spend. In this case, I may have to wait. Maybe I'll be lucky & there will be a couple still available next week.

So many new toys from Rampage lately, I'm in awe over their creativity(& motivation). Hopefully I'll acquire more in the near future. However, I'm currently saving for a rather large toy/art purchase, so my flow of purchases might be a little low for a while. All worth it though, to own the things one truly wants, sacrifices must be made now & then. I will blog about a couple I've had to say 'no' to recently to afford other, higher priority toys.

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