Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Plague Oracle - Smoke Veil Edition - Daniel Yu

Continuing my obsession with the work of Daniel Yu, I received my 2nd Plague Oracle today. The Plague Oracle sculpt is my latest favourite from Daniel Yu, they go beautifully with my past Daniel Yu acquisitions & the little hand accessories are just an awesome little bonus!
This latest Plague Oracle is part of Daniels recent 'Smoke Veil' series. Each figure was limited to 20 pieces.

Photo by Daniel Yu - Left to Right - Wilbur, Plague Oracle, Lunar Creep & Darwin

I'm a huge fan on Daniels blank editions. As much as I also greatly respect his skill with paint, sometimes I think it distracts from the beauty & detail of his sculpting. Also being a fan of black & red, in this particular case I couldn't resist adding to my collection.

Differing from my first Plague Oracle which came with a mini skull accessory, this new one includes 3 accessories! A anatomical heart, a rose & a little pile of poo! These accessories are no exception in regards to Daniels amazing attention to detail. My photos do not do them justice!

I cannot wait to add more Plague Oracles to my collection in the future! I'm also eager to see what new characters Daniel Yu will add to his repertoire!
For those hoping to add any of the 'shadow veil' editons to their own collection - Darwin(the fox) has sold out, but the other 3 designs are still currently available in Daniels store here.
You can also check out Daniels past work on his website or follow him on Facebook & Instagram

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