Friday, April 8, 2016

Clect - Collect Together

I want to share with all my readers a great collecting resource!
Clect is the newest thing in online collecting. It's still a pretty young website, evolving & getting better all the time! I've been a member pretty much since the beginning & the site just continues to improve(they're also always willing to take any suggestions you might have!) . A major focus on pop culture specifically. It's basically the social media collecting platform we all need!

The guys at Clect have been working tirelessly to get their cell phone apps up & running too! You can find the iphone app Here, you can also sign up to to be notified when the Android app is ready Here.

Now I want to discuss some specifics.
On Clect you can create 'Cards' & 'Packs'. Uploading 'Cards' is super easy(& the site has walk-through tours to help you learn!). Upload the image, title it, give it a story & choose if it's private or public. Done! Hashtagging is also encouraged :P
You can also add your 'Cards' to 'Packs'. You can create your own new 'Packs', or add your 'Cards' to existing public 'Packs'(you can also make private ones!). They're a great way to share more focused collections, or to find people with similar tastes to your own!

The 'Packs' are one of my favourite features on Clect. I love sharing my collection with others & it's always amazing when I find people who can appreciate the stuff I have! The Packs are constantly being fine-tuned, I expect they'll be a favourite amongst most Clect users soon enough.
Currently my favourite Packs are 'Resin & Vinyl Toys' & 'Autographs!'. They're both public & I've love to see them grow! If you're a member & have any suitable Cards to add to my Packs that would be fantastic & I look forward to all contributions!

So come on! What are you waiting for? If you haven't joined yet just click here:

To quote Eric Cartman(South Park) - 'Join the online sensation before we all murder you.'

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