Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tinbot [ black, lady ]

Somewhere I saw a picture of a Tinbot(probably one of the many people I follow on Facebook) & instantly needed one in my life! They're manufactured by Trendex, a company who create many fun & innovative designs!
The Tinbots are so cheap that money wasn't an object, but colour decisions can be difficult & currently Tinbot World offer 4 versions of this awesome concept!

Of course, being me, I went with the orange & black option(really the decision wasn't that difficult, I'm bias on the subject of orange :P). It's one of the 'lady' Tinbots, with a rather cute little robot face! Even the packaging(& business card!) are perfectly paired to the toys!

The Tinbots are about 2x1.5x1inches when all packed away in their tins. They consist of 6 pieces. 5 magnetised body parts & the tin. They're also super poseable(tragically I'm not the most creative photographer :P)!

This really is just a super fun toy! If i had more I could mix & match the pieces too! I'm tempted to buy more already & I hope for many more colour options in the future!
For less then $10 including shipping, this is definitely a favourite amongst my recent acquisitions!
Don't forget to check out Tinbot World on Facebook & bigcartel

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