Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tank Girl - Super Special Poster Magazine

As my readers might know, I'm a big fan of Tank Girl! . Besides the comics, I like to try & acquire the items made available online as well. Over the last few years Alan Martin has been making 'Poster Magazines' available... I think I have them all.

Yesterday I Received the latest 'Tank Girl Super Special Poster Magazine'! Mostly I'm glad to receive this, because I've fallen a bit behind on my Tank Girl purchases(I'm even behind on comics, it's horrible!). Also this magazine just happens to be extra awesome!
This mag included a postcard of the mock-Japanese cover for the new Alan Martin/Brett Parson Tank Girl series, 'Two Girls One Tank'(I also scored a Two Girls One Tank badge for ordering the mag early as well!). I'm extremely eager to read this new comic run, but it'll have to wait a while(not the only comics I'm after right now).

I also received a 4A piece of tankie gift wrap, and a A7 'propellerhead' tankie sticker. This post mag folded out to a A3 poster by Black Frog. Amazing bit of artwork! Though I've got to say, those darts look a little painful :P

I also got a kickass 'Bastard Patrol' patch, my 2nd official Tank Girl patch! Not sure if this one will join my other patch on my bag, I'm undecided right now, also my bag is running short on patch space(this is an old photo, couple more patches/badges on it now).

And now I'm reminded how much Tank Girl stuff I still need in my life & stuff by Tank Girl artists in general Rufus Dayglo for example, has been working on a new series as well! But one thing at a time & at least I didn't miss the epicness at was the 'Super Special Poster Magazine!' WHich is still avialable online by the way, you can find it here

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