Thursday, September 26, 2013

Black Gloss QiQi - Ziqi x Creo Designs

Finally got my black gloss QiQi, like the other two, designed by Ziqi & produced by Creo Design. Probably lucky I even found one to buy I suppose, but it took a long time to arrive, I was mildly concerned for a while there. But beyond that, the little critter arrived & now I have all three.

I can't get over how cute QiQi is. Not my usual choice of toy, but sometimes cuteness wins me over. There's still a black & silver version out there I'd like to hunt down, and a couple of variations, only time will tell if I'll ever acquire them. For now I'm quite happy with my little set of cuteness.

Additional though, Ziqi now have a society6 store, all his cute designs, available as prints, or phone covers, or my personal favourite, pillow cases. There's nothing better then uber cuteness, on a pudgy puffy cushion. You should all go visit his store & but everything! I'm hoping to buy a pillow or two in the near future, they will bring some much needed 'cute' to my home.

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