Friday, September 27, 2013

Obvious Slogan #2 - Hands off my Dinosaur!

Recieved a wonderful art print in the mail. I recently learned I had won the print, quite a few months ago(thanks Facebook for your 'Other' message section). Teo Zirinis, creator of 'Hands off my Dinosaur' does adorable work & I was so pleased to get to choose one of his prints from society6. I settled on one titled 'Obvious Slogan #2'.

It was truly a difficult decision, he has so many wonderful designs, seriously considering ordering some more for myself, or possibly for some of my friends & family(I do have one friend I've been having trouble thinking up gift ideas for this year, this could be a solution!). Here are some of the other designs I considered.

It's always nice to win something, especially when it's something actually worth winning! Now I just need a frame & then I'll find a spot for this new print on my walls somewhere.
Hopefully I'll have more art prints/paintings etc. to write about in the future. I am incredibly lazy about actually hanging any of the artwork I own however. I'm hoping to rectify that soon, then I can assess what space I have left for more!

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