Saturday, September 28, 2013

Polar Edition BearAll - Jon-Paul Kaiser - Rhyme Square

Received my BearAll - Polar Edition recently(took me about a week to get a decent photo. There was many failed attempted). Ordered from eBay, from Daniel Perry(Jazzydan) who runs & was a finalist for 'best collection' in the designer toy awards this year. He's selling some of his collection, I'm just thankful I had money. I had to outbid a few people to win this little guy, but he was well worth it.

BearAll is an awesome sculpt, for some reason I simply cannot say 'no' to a naughty toy. Genitalia on a bear is just genius to me, I guess I have some issues. It really is an adorable little bear design though, I hope to hunt down some of the other colour variants in the future, if I'm lucky.

I'm so glad I've become aware of Jon-Paul Kaiser(Rhyme Square) & his awesome little bears. He released a Red Panda edition recently, tragically I missed the 24hour period he made it available. Hopefully one shows up on eBay one day. For now, the Polar Edition suits my current 'white things' obsession, so I'm glad this is where my BearAll collection has begun.

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