Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chou-Cho the Wing Monster - Rampage Toys Edition - Grumble Toys

So happy about my new toy! My first Kaiju!
Now, to emphasise why this toy appealed to me, I must embrace my geekiness. I'm a huge fan of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series & this little toy SO reminded me of one of the creatures from the show, that I simply had to own it! The Queller Demon from 'Listening to Fear'. Ok, so it's incredibly strange reasoning to want a toy, but I'm weird like that.

This purchase is of course, as a result of my new obsession with Rampage Toys. Browsing through their store seems to automatically result in me spending money. Additionally, looking up the artist Grumble Toys, I've learned there's at least another two version of this toy. I'm seriously considering buying another! For now however, I have the adorable dark green version. Incredibly creepy & incredibly cute too. This toy is everything a toy should be!

The arrival of this toy was slightly delayed. Turns out one cannot use a box with the word 'produce' on it, to ship things to Australia. So my package was sent back to Rampage Toys due to a tomato sauce box. Due to the delay however, they sent me a little something extra. A little cupcake dude keshi called 'Micro Cake'. He's based on their Cupcake Kaiju character. So adorable & a great addition to my keshi collection. It's always nice to find something a little extra in ones packages afterall. So today, I'm happy.

As always, apologys for my crappy photography. I really need to buy a photography tent, it's hard to prioritise for one when I'm much more inclined to buy toys.
Hopefully I'll have another toy or two arrive this week in fact(one never knows with Australia Posts crappy work ethics), might buy another one or two if I have the funds too. One must plan for future blog posts afterall.
Also, I suppose I should mention the little signature image I've created to end my blogs with. Basically I just found the end of my blogs didn't look 'right', so I created a little blob-dude with a hat. I may one day try sculpting him, but that will be FAR into the future I think. I do think he's cute though & it's nice to have a kind of 'mascot' for my blog.

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