Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freshly Painted Keshi Display Box

Haven't received much mail this week(quite frustrating actually) but in the mean time, I was doing some painting.
Now, mine & my sisters memory of where this box came from differs, she believes a friend gave it to her, I'm sure one of our older brothers did, but we've had it within the family for at least 18years of my life. At some point, my sister gave it to me & it sat upstairs amongst my art stuff for the last few years, until now. Due to my recent obsession with keshis, it suddenly occurred to me I should paint the box & actually put it to use.
This box took me about 4days to finish(well, almost finish, I ran out of varnish on the 2nd coat).

I began by dusting thoroughly, I'm pretty sure it had never been cleaned in any way. Then two coats of black paint(along with extra touch ups, due to the crappy construction of this box), then I varnished. I got about 80% of the 2nd coat done before I ran out of varnish, but I'm ok with how it turned out regardless.

So far it's mostly empty, but that situation won't last long. I have plans to buy a few items from Man-e-Toys & Rampage Toys, amongst a few other places, in the near future. The space will be filled soon. In about 5weeks I'll have my new desk, I'm hoping this box will fit inside one of the shelves, if not it will take it's place on top, surrounded by other toys & things.

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